Why choose natural cosmetics? No Toxics.

Natural cosmetics are those that are mainly manufactured with natural and non-toxic ingredients. Natural cosmetics not only try to use active ingredients of flowers, fruits or plants, but also avoid the use of chemicals that can damage the skin, health or the environment. Therefore, it flees the use of parabens, PEGs, petroleum derivatives or synthetic preservatives.

Read the labels of each product and, above all, its ingredients. Note the order in which its components are displayed; the first in the list is the primary and the last is the one added in the lowest percentage.

At Laboratorio SyS we have been making natural cosmetics, mostly vegan, for more than 27 years. Since 2018 we have opened our online store of natural cosmetics and aromas to reach everyone. Although all our products are registered on the European Natural Cosmetics Portal (CPNP), it will be with our LABNATUR bio line when we start distributing organic natural cosmetics.


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