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The 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil SyS 10ml is a natural oil with exceptional bactericidal and antiseptic properties, combined with a local anaesthetic effect.

Powerful antibacterial, fungicidal and antiseptic. Protects, heals and repairs the skin. Indicated in the treatment of acne, herpes, lice, cutaneous or inguinal mycosis, varicose veins and heavy legs.

It is especially indicated for acne-prone skin due to its healing and dermoprotective properties. Recommended for the treatment against lice.

Tea tree oil has many properties beyond healing and acne. Here are some of the most important tea tree oil benefits you can find:

  • It is very effective for the treatment of acne or cold sores.

  • As for the scalp, it is a perfect treatment to treat dandruff, but also lice and nits.

  • For nail fungus and athlete's foot it is also a very common use of this oil.

It should be noted that when using tea tree essential oil, one of the properties of the oil is that it has a very powerful skin-drying capacity, for the same reason one of the contraindications of the oil is that the recommended dosage cannot be exceeded. Therefore, you should only use a few drops of the oil on the area to be treated.

Our 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is a natural and vegan product.

Suitable for all skin types, dermatologically tested. Product made in Spain.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Active Ingredients

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Tea Tree Oil (or Melaleuca Alternifolia) is a shrub which is native to Australia. The oil is obtained from the leaves and branches of the shrub through a distillation process.

This oil has great protective, restorative and healing powers. It is a powerful antibacterial, fungicide and antiseptic. Ideal for treating acne and varicose veins. It has soothing properties, which help to reduce irritation and redness. It moisturises and balances the pH of the skin.

Thanks to its properties this oil manages to protect your skin from external agents, in addition to those areas of the skin where there are breaks and scars, this wonderful vegetable oil can repair those areas.

In addition, as it is a powerful antibacterial and fungicide, its application protects you from insect bites. Not forgetting its benefit as an antiseptic.

But the best known of Tea Tree Oil is undoubtedly its properties as a treatment for acne and varicose veins. Applying a drop on the pimple and letting it take effect dries the pimple and eliminates it in a matter of hours.

The same applies when it comes to varicose veins, if you have a busy lifestyle, spend many hours on your feet and end up with very tired legs, applying a few drops of tea tree oil to your legs will help prevent varicose veins from appearing.

This is why this oil has a powerful soothing action on the skin, so when you find any redness or irritation on your skin, such as from rubbing your clothes which can end up irritating some very delicate areas, applying a few drops of this oil will help soothe the irritation.

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