70% Scented Cleaning Alcohol Spray Myhome 5L

70% Scented Cleaning Alcohol Spray Myhome 5L

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MYHOME PERFUMED CLEANING HYGIENIZER 70% ALCOHOL PERFUMED CLEANER 5 litres is a hydralcoholic solution for surfaces. For private and professional use. It evaporates completely without leaving residues.

Multi-purpose scented cleaning alcohol is ideal for a variety of household cleaning uses, combining bleach-free cleaning power with maximum disinfecting efficacy on multiple surfaces.

In this day and age, we frequently clean all kinds of objects that come in and out of the house: shoe soles, keys, mobile phones, bags, shopping products.... That's why we need these products to guarantee this hygiene.

This spray is also ideal for use on surfaces and objects that we come into contact with on a daily basis and may contain bacteria, such as keys, keyboards, doorknobs, etc.... Its liquid texture favours its application and has a much faster absorption.

In addition, this powerful sanitiser also contains Panthenol, which is an essential vitamin for our body. It stands out for its soothing and restorative properties, which prevent skin damage and is an excellent ally for the care of sensitive skin.

So you can clean all those areas of your home with this sanitiser while taking care of your hands, since Panthenol protects your hands when you use this product.

Because we are committed to protecting your hands, but without sacrificing skin care. That's why this spray is ideal for protecting you and your loved ones while keeping the skin on your hands hydrated, soft and regenerated thanks to its content.

We have this sanitiser available in different sizes and formats that adapt to all kinds of situations, discover them here!

Our MYHOME Scented Cleaning Alcohol stands out for its long-lasting sanitising efficacy. Contains 70% alcohol. Product developed from the formula recommended by the WHO. Product manufactured in Spain.

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