Anti Chafing Face Cream Labnatur 50ml

(Code: 41424)

Labnatur's Anti Chafing Facial Cream is specifically designed to care for our skin from the effects of using face masks. Thanks to its high Calendula content, it is ideal for treating sensitive skin or skin prone to redness.

Due to the current situation, it is vitally important to use masks to protect against Covid-19. This can lead to skin alterations that dehydrate and damage the skin in depth. This cream helps to care for and protect your face from the chafing and dehydration caused by the use of these protective measures.

It combines the properties of its active ingredients: Calendula, Marine Collagen, Vitamin E, Chamomile, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter.

Also known as wonder flower, Calendula has a powerful therapeutic action, regenerating and nourishing our skin. It is also widely used to treat damaged or chafed skin thanks to its healing properties.

Marine Collagen stands out for its moisturising, regenerating and photoprotective properties. It is ideal for protecting our skin from external factors such as UV rays and pollution. It also provides firmness and elasticity to the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and combating facial flaccidity.

Vitamin E improves skin tone and acts as an antioxidant, helping to prevent premature skin ageing. Chamomile stands out for its soothing and purifying action. In addition, its high essential oil content makes it an essential component in the care of sensitive or damaged skin.

Sweet Almond Oil softens, moisturises and deeply nourishes the skin. It also has anti-ageing properties thanks to its high Vitamin E content, which helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing. Finally, Shea Butter is an excellent moisturiser and cell regenerator that keeps our face hydrated throughout the day.

Thanks to all its properties, this cream is ideal for protecting and caring for our skin from the continuous use of masks. It also helps to moisturise, regenerate and nourish our face, softening even the most damaged skin and preventing dehydration lines.

Our Labnatur Anti Chafing Facial Cream contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that make it up. Natural product, free of allergens and parabens.
Suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. Product manufactured in Spain.