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SYS Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules are formulated with Natural Extracts, Soya and Wheat Sprouts (10%).

It contains two bioactive molecules that provide the necessary energy to increase the protein synthesis of Collagen, Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans. It has a powerful revitalising action on hair growth. They stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss. Plant-based alternative to placenta extract.

Brings together the properties of the active ingredients of which it is composed: Soya and Wheat.

Soya extract is rich in vitamins and allows it to easily penetrate the epidermis and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other proteins. This helps to strengthen the hair and solve hair loss problems.

Its properties are important for cell growth, stimulating the scalp and regeneration, by reversing abnormal formations in the cells. Inhibits UV-induced pigmentation.

Wheat has antioxidant properties, it is a perfect skin regenerator with a high vitamin E content. It is a perfect ally for treating hair loss due to its regenerating properties that help to strengthen the hair follicle.

In addition, wheat provides hair with nourishment that protects and conditions it, so this ingredient is also highly recommended for dry hair. It will give your hair a soft and shiny effect.

Our SYS Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules contain a high percentage of the active ingredients that compose it. Natural and vegan product. Paraben free.
Suitable for all hair types. Dermatologically tested. Product manufactured in Spain.

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Soybean Germ

Soybean Germ

Wheat Germ

Wheat Germ

Active Ingredients

Germen de Trigo


Wheat Germ is a powerful skin regenerator and healing agent. It stands out for its antioxidant properties and protects against the action of free radicals. It helps to delay premature ageing of the skin and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

It also improves blood circulation and gives firmness to the skin. It is ideal for dry, dehydrated or sun-damaged skin. Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E.

We cannot leave out this wonderful ingredient in our formula when talking about anti-hair loss shampoos. Because wheat will help your scalp to regenerate, that is to say, if you have any kind of wound or scab, this ingredient will help you to heal all those small wounds that form.

Not only the skin is always suffering from the effects that free radicals have on it, but our hair too, so we also have to protect it from this action that the day to day has on our hair. Wheat stands out for its properties that protect hair from pollution and external agents, such as cold, wind and sudden changes in temperature.

In addition, it not only helps to delay the ageing of the skin, but also that of the hair. So it allows the hair to rejuvenate, thus slowing down the signs of ageing, such as hair loss.

All these properties ensure that hair growth is guaranteed, because the proteins in wheat strengthen the hair fibres and hair follicles. In addition, your hair will not look dry or brittle because wheat is a natural moisturiser that gives your hair a conditioning power that will make it shine.

But if you want to protect your scalp from free radicals and have it pH regulated, this product is one of your must-haves, because it also manages to eliminate the dead cells that accumulate on the scalp and end up causing itching, with the resulting wounds if we end up scratching ourselves.

But wheat is not only a wonderful remedy for treating hair from the roots, but it also allows you to close split ends, treating the hair from the roots to the ends, so that all your hair is hydrated.

Therefore, you already know that you should not leave out of your purchase the next time you want to benefit from all these properties to stop hair loss, while keeping it hydrated, healthy and giving it back the shine that as a result of the passage of time and the agents to which it is exposed day by day it loses.


Soya Germ nourishes and promotes skin elasticity. It stimulates collagen production and reduces acne and blemishes. It fights against free radicals responsible for skin ageing.

It also protects and repairs the hair fibre and scalp, restoring its strength and shine, making it very effective on dry and fragile hair. It also has a nourishing and strengthening effect on brittle, wavy or soft nails.

One of its greatest benefits is that it allows hair to recover the collagen and hydration that it sometimes loses prematurely.

But it is necessary to emphasize that if our hair is not regulated it can end up having an excess of grease and therefore, it can end up having a dirty appearance, reason why it is very important to take into account this aspect and the soya manages to combat the excess of grease that can be produced in our scalp.

Therefore, as soya germ gives strength to the scalp, it cannot be missing in the composition of an anti-hair loss shampoo. Because it will strengthen the hair from the root, so that the hair does not fall out so steadily, thus slowing down hair loss.

But not only do we want our hair to be strong, we also want it to have a natural shine that makes it look healthier and younger. Therefore, soy will always be the best natural remedy when you want to get all these benefits in your hair.

If your hair is starting to suffer from the signs of ageing or if, as a result of stress, it is losing its shine, strength and falling out quickly. You can’t miss out on using this product in your hair treatment, because it will give your hair back the vitality it needs.

You already know which ingredient cannot be missing in your hair treatment, and you can’t miss it if you want to take advantage of all the wonderful properties it contains.

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