Bath Gel – SyS 250ml green Tea

Bath Gel – SyS 250ml green Tea

(Code: 28258)

SYS Green Tea Bath Gel gently cleanses, moisturises and softens your skin. It provides a pleasant aroma and a feeling of well-being.

Green Tea clarifies the skin and absorbs toxins and impurities. It activates vitality and cell renewal. It helps to regenerate the skin, and is beneficial for cleansing oily skin. [CR]]
This bath gel is 250ml. Its pleasant aroma brings naturalness and freshness. It produces abundant foam, cleanses, softens and moisturises the skin and provides a feeling of well-being. Choose among the 10 available soft and delicate, floral, fresh, fruity, sweet, classic scents... to enjoy your shower, your bath or your SPA moment at home.

The Green Tea fragrance stands out for its herbal and energising notes, faithful to the nature of this plant so widely used for its antioxidant and purifying properties. A scent that conquers by its simplicity.

If you like the aroma of Green Tea, you have more options to enjoy it. You can put it in your car, in your drawers and cupboards, on the terrace, in the shower, in your bathtub or in any of your favourite spaces. Discover it here.

Our SYS Green Tea Bath Gel contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that make it up. Natural product. Paraben free.
Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product made in Spain.


Active Ingredients


Green tea is known for its antioxidant and protective properties. It helps prevent premature ageing and protects the skin from UV rays.

It regenerates and moisturises deeply, improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Thanks to its high caffeine content, it is ideal for cleansing the skin, eliminating excess oil and combating acne.

Green tea helps to regenerate skin cells, this property allows it to treat marks, scars or grazes. This is achieved because it helps to renew skin tissue, allowing new layers of skin to form.

It should be noted that cell renewal slows down as we reach a more mature age, which is why it is so important to supplement skin care with ingredients that have properties that enhance or reinforce the regeneration of the dermis.

Another of the properties that are part of green tea is its ability to reduce inflammation of the skin, sometimes our skin becomes inflamed as a result of heat, long hours of standing or physical exertion. That is why it is so important after this, to apply a product that helps us to reduce inflammation and allow our skin to relax.

In addition, green tea has properties that give it the ability to regulate excess sebum in the skin, thus combating acne and blackheads. If you usually suffer from pimples in any area of your body, as it happens quite regularly on your back, arms, etc. Applying this gel in your shower will help you to combat those annoying pimples.

It is a natural skin protector, as it creates a protective film that protects the skin from UVA rays, this function is very important for skin care and to stop premature skin ageing.

Thanks to its high content of tannins and catechins, it has the antioxidant properties that are so highly acclaimed in cosmetics. This is how green tea can be your perfect ally when it comes to delaying premature skin ageing and maintaining a smooth, youthful complexion.

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