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SYS Avocado and Jojoba Body Scrub, suitable for normal skin, moisturises, nourishes, cleanses, softens and tones the skin. Intensely moisturises dry skin and balances oily skin.

Eliminates dead cells and impurities thanks to its granules made with Bora Bora sand. Regenerates, hydrates, nourishes, cleanses and softens the skin.

Deep hydration of the skin.

Excellent skin oil balancer.

Smoothes and tones the skin.

Body scrub can also help prevent ingrown hairs, because it deep cleans pores. This is very important, because if you don't exfoliate your skin well, dead skin cells get trapped in the follicles you remove hair from.

Frequent use of the Avocado and Jojoba body scrub will help your skin feel intensely hydrated and toned.

Apply to damp skin and massage gently in circular motions. Repeat the massage on the most damaged or dry areas such as elbows and knees. Rinse with plenty of water to remove dead cells.

Our SYS Avocado and Jojoba Body Scrub contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that make it up. Natural product. Allergen and paraben free.

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product manufactured in Spain.





Active Ingredients



Avocado oil is one of the best natural moisturisers we can find. It moisturises, softens and regenerates the skin. This fruit also has antioxidant and protective properties. It helps to delay skin ageing and reduces wrinkles.

It protects the skin from external agents such as UVA rays. It also acts as an emulsifier. Ideal for treating dry or damaged skin and hair. Rich in vitamins C and E.

Avocado oil is one of the best natural moisturisers we can find, making it ideal for moisturising our skin. This essential oil is rich in vitamins A, D and E, so it gives flexibility, regenerates and softens the skin.

If your skin tends to dry out, avocado oil is one of the best allies you will find because of its highly moisturising properties, which will soften your skin by regenerating the cells in the deepest layers.

In addition, this wonderful fruit also manages to protect your skin and prevent it from oxidising, resulting in the appearance of the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles.


Jojoba is highly moisturising and nourishing. It contains linoleic acid, which is a very effective natural skin restructurer and regenerator. Its vitamin E content also helps to rejuvenate our skin and protects us from free radicals. It is also ideal for oily or acne-prone skin as it has antioxidant properties.

It facilitates cell regeneration processes and increases the elasticity, smoothness and firmness of the skin. It also balances the pH of the skin, unifying its tone and preventing the appearance of blemishes. Great moisturising power.

Jojoba oil has anti-ageing properties, moisturises dry skin, softens, nourishes, increases the elasticity and flexibility of the hair. It is also an oil indicated as a hair repairing treatment due to its properties.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties it has a high power recognised as a perfect ally against premature ageing and also neutralises free radicals. In addition, just for these properties it is ideal when your skin is oily or sensitive.

In addition, if your skin normally presents acne and you find it difficult to eliminate them completely, jojoba oil will help you to combat them thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

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