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Citronella SYS Candle stands out for its soft and delicate floral fragrance combined with a citrus top note and musky base.

Citronella scented candle has been created by combining the essential oil of orange blossom, citrus and musky base notes. This plant forms a unique combination and creates a very intense lemon scent that concentrates the citrus touch and stands out for being anti-mosquito.

In any space, this scent creates environments that stand out for their freshness, citrus and insect-free. Lemongrass, burst into any place flooding it with a fresh, citrusy and intense aroma. The citronella scent repels mosquitoes and helps prevent mosquito bites.

Citronella is an aromatic plant with a fresh lemon scent, so its citrus scent is an insect repellent as its intense fragrance is very annoying to mosquitoes.

Citronella is a grass grown in Southeast Asia and Latin America. It is 1.5 metres tall and is highly prized in perfumery and aromatherapy thanks to its scent and its antiseptic, antibacterial and digestive properties.

If you like the scent of Citronella and want to benefit from its insect repellent options, you have more options to enjoy it. You can put it in your brumaroma, on your wrists, on the outdoor terrace, in the shower, in your bathtub or in any of your favourite spaces. Discover it here.  

Active Ingredients


Surely, on some occasion, when summer has arrived, you have filled your house with citronella to use it as a mosquito repellent. Citronella is an aromatic plant also known as lemongrass, which is used to repel mosquitoes, but did you know that this oriental plant has many other uses and benefits?

Lemongrass, or Cymbopogon, i.e. citronella, is a plant that grows up to 1.5 metres tall with stiff leaves and originates from southern India and Sri Lanka, although it is also cultivated in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Its glaucous-green leaves are stiff and ribbed, and it has an intense lemony smell. This citrus scent is very annoying to insects, so this plant is very effective as a natural repellent and keeps them away.

There are many species of citronella, but the most commonly used for scenting are Cymbopogon winterianus, known as Java citronella and highly prized for its high essential oil content. And Cymbopogon nardus, also known as Ceylon Citronella, which is commonly used for the production of the scent.

The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves. Depending on the variety used, the result will be a more intense or more or less lemon-scented oil.

To avoid bites during the summer months, and to repel insects, you can use the natural plant, sprays, mikados or citronella candles with its fragrance to avoid mosquito infestations.

Citronella or lemongrass, as well as being one of the best insect repellents there is, especially when it comes to repelling mosquitoes, is a medicinal plant with excellent properties for our health. This is due to its limonene, citronellol, eugenol, citral, nerol and geraniol content.

In perfumery and aromatherapy it is a highly valued essential oil for its antibacterial, antiseptic, diuretic, antispasmodic, antifungal and digestive properties. Its fresh citrus scent is stimulating and on terraces and in gardens, it fills warm summer evenings with the scent of lemongrass, as well as preventing stings.

Citronella is a plant widely used in various fields. Nowadays, citronella extract is used for many solutions, both in natural medicine, natural remedies, cosmetics and gastronomy.

In medicine it is used to treat skin rashes and infections, in cosmetics as a home fragrance such as incense stick or cone format, for soaps and other products such as bracelets for adults and children and mosquito repellent. And in food as a flavouring for food and drinks.

Citronella helps to relieve internal inflammations, such as stomach inflammation. The plant relaxes the muscles in this area, reduces spasms and reduces bacterial infections such as Helicobacter pylori, which is responsible for gastritis and gastric ulcers.

As a natural detoxifier, it helps the body to eliminate toxins and excess fat.

Citronella essential oil also helps to reduce pain and is used as an analgesic for bruises and contusions, to relieve rheumatic pain such as arthritis and muscular pain, for lumbago and cervical tension and even to soothe headaches.

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