Concentrated Nepal Balm SyS 40ml

Concentrated Nepal Balm SyS 40ml

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The SYS Nepal Balm, also known as Tiger Balm, has its origins in traditional oriental Chinese medicine and has been used since ancient times in oriental countries to tone the skin. It contains a combination of essential oils with soothing and softening properties.

The two main ingredients that attribute the wonderful benefits to Nepalese balm are menthol and camphor.

Menthol gives it antiseptic and analgesic properties, especially for treating muscular pain. When applied to the respiratory tract, it is able to decongest and provide a sensation of freshness.

Camphor is noted for its ability to reduce muscular, joint and arthritis pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory action.

Thanks to its essential oils and natural substances it is capable of relieving any type of ailment. It is indicated for muscular pains, as it provides a pleasant sensation of relief and well-being. This concentrated nepal balm has a new formulation that gives it more effective properties.

Tiger Balm is used in processes in which you want to reach a state of relaxation and meditation, it is able to provide an instant feeling of relief.

It is an excellent blood activator, for them same when obtaining that vasodilation in the zone in which it is applied, it increases the temperature in the zone obtaining as a result a calming effect and of lasting relaxation.

For a correct use of the balm of nepal it is necessary that it is applied in the affected zone, for example if you have headache, apply in the temples a small quantity and realize then circular movements, until the zone remains impregnated to allow that high penetration of the assets that compose it. Avoid contact with eyes, wounds and mucous membranes.

It provides an analgesic sensation that instantly offers a feeling of well-being and a calming effect. In addition, one of its main ingredients, menthol, gives tiger balm anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antiseptic properties.

Nepal Balm's main uses fall into these categories. Muscle and joint pain, migraines and headaches, relieving itching from mosquito bites, clearing the airways to relieve coughs.

Our SYS Nepal Balm contains a high percentage of its active ingredients. Natural product. Paraben free.
Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product made in Spain.




Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica





Piperite Mint Oil

Piperite Mint Oil

Active Ingredients


Cooling effect on skin and mucous membranes, with antipruritic and antiseptic properties. Provides a cooling sensation that acts as a muscle relaxant.


Eucalyptus has many benefits for the skin. It stands out for its antiseptic, bactericidal and healing properties. It balances excess sebum, helps to reduce blemishes and evens skin tone. It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, ideal for treating irritated or damaged skin.


Centella asiatica Hydrocotile asiatica is a modest plant of the Umbelliferae family. It develops creeping or climbing stems, which climb up hedges or walls, and can reach a height of one and a half metres. It produces numerous fan-shaped leaves (orbicular and peeled) with crenulated margins.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of centella asiatica, such as anti-diabetic, wound healing, antimicrobial and memory-enhancing properties. Its antioxidant and neuroprotective properties stand out.

It is a powerful skin healer and regenerator, acting as a soothing and antioxidant. It helps to combat cellulite and improves skin elasticity. It stands out for its great moisturising power and activates blood circulation.

It stimulates collagen synthesis, which is key to skin regeneration. Ideal for treating sensitive skin and protecting it from the action of free radicals.


Piperita Peppermint Oil comes from the cross between two plants: water mint and peppermint.

This essential oil is a great natural antibacterial and bactericidal. It provides a great feeling of freshness and has a calming effect thanks to its high menthol content. In addition, its fabulous properties prevent dizziness, headaches and migraines.


Camphor is known for its ability to reduce muscle, joint and arthritis pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. Its properties also include its ability to improve blood circulation.

If you have suffered a blow or injury, camphor is ideal for reducing the intensity of the pain. It also has a decongestant function of the respiratory tract and facilitates the expulsion of phlegm stored in the chest.


Arnica oil stands out among its properties as an anti-inflammatory, capable of improving blood circulation, as well as providing an analgesic effect. It is ideal for reducing inflammation, particularly when it is the result of a blow, bruising, sprains or muscle contractions.


White beeswax is an ingredient that provides high nutrition to the skin, and its benefits include its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing and antioxidant properties.

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