Argan Hand And Nail Cream SyS 150ml

(Code: 41593)

Argan Hand and Nail Cream SYS, made with Urea and natural ingredients to moisturise and regenerate the skin of hands, nails and cuticles.

Urea strengthens and cares for cuticles and nails.

The Argan Oil used is rich in Vitamin A and E. It has a great antioxidant power. Rapid absorption.

Active Ingredients



Also known as Liquid Gold, this oil is obtained from the seeds of the argan fruit found in Morocco.

Its anti-ageing action nourishes and promotes skin elasticity. It stimulates collagen production, reduces acne and blemishes. It also protects and repairs the scalp, restoring strength and shine, making it ideal for dry and fragile hair. It also nourishes and strengthens nails. It tones and regenerates irritated skin, burns, varicose veins and stretch marks.


Urea has a lot of benefits for the skin. It is an excellent natural moisturiser and humectant. It prevents water loss, improves the skin’s barrier function and balances its natural pH. In addition, it stimulates collagen synthesis in the dermis and significantly improves the suppleness and firmness of the skin.

Thanks to its exfoliating properties, it gently removes dead surface cells without damaging the skin. Ideal for treating the driest and most damaged skin.


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