Labnatur Bio Natural Foot Deodorant Alum Powder 100gr

Labnatur Bio Natural Foot Deodorant Alum Powder 100gr

(Code: 50008)

SYS Natural Deodorant Alum Powder Foot Deodorant is a deodorant that works by preventing the blockage of skin pores, thus promoting optimal perspiration. In this way, it eliminates the possibility of bacteria proliferation, as they are the cause of bad body odour.

The mineral alum powder stands out for its wide range of antiseptic, deodorant, astringent, antibacterial and healing properties, as well as its high tolerance on sensitive skin.

Antiseptic: eliminates micro-organisms

Astringent: maintains dryness

Antiperspirant: prevents sweating, making it a good natural deodorant

Hypoallergenic: the risk of allergy is minimal, so it is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin.

Haemostatic: it has wound-healing compounds.

Alum mineral can be applied to the armpits, feet or elsewhere on the body forming a thin invisible film of micro-crystals of mineral salt. After showering or bathing, spray on.

The mineral provides an effective deodorant effect thanks to its natural ability to destroy the bacteria that, by decomposing sweat, are the real cause of body odour. An invisible thin layer of micro-crystals provides a natural fresh feeling and ensures effective all-day protection.

Our Labnatur Bio Natural Alum Powder Foot Wash belongs to our line of certified natural cosmetics. Natural and vegan product. Allergen and paraben free.

100% recycled plastic packaging. Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product packaged in Spain.  

Active Ingredients


Alum stone is a mineral composed mainly of aluminium and potassium. It is most often used as a deodorant, either in powder or stone form. This stone is of natural origin and does not contain alcohol or perfume or other chemical compounds that are added to deodorants.

Continued and routine use of alum stone can significantly reduce the level of sweating and its associated problems. This mineral is beneficial for the skin.

The benefits that this mineral has that makes it different from conventional deodorants. First of all its hypoallergenic characteristic that gives protection to the skin avoiding any allergic reaction, so it is ideal for the use of sensitive and reactive skins.

Its antiseptic property eliminates microorganisms, as well as being a natural bactericide that eliminates bad odour. So this deodorant eliminates odours caused by sweat, without any added fragrances.

This deodorant does not contain aluminium hydrochloride or aluminium zirconium. By using it, you are being environmentally friendly as it contains no harmful substances or gases.

In addition, as it has astringent and antiperspirant properties, you can provide dryness by maintaining dryness while preventing sweating, so alum stone is a good natural remedy to be part of the deodorant composition chain.

Thanks to the fact that it has the property of being haemostatic, it helps the healing of wounds that may have formed as a result of various causes, such as chafing from the shoes themselves.

Properties of alum stone


Alum stone is an effective product for controlling perspiration and bad odour caused by sweating. According to the expert in Dermatology and Venereology, Lola Bou Camps, “there are dermatitis that appear due to excessive sweating, mainly on the feet, which is why alum stone is beneficial against this pathology”.

It is also an effective odour neutraliser. To combat sweating feet, Bou Camps states that “it is advisable to use powdered alum stone dissolved in water and to take baths of several minutes for several days in a row, and then to maintain them once a week, mainly during the summer season”.


Alum stone helps to improve the wound healing process thanks to its aluminium and potassium composition. This mineral has astringent or styptic properties, which means that it is capable of causing dryness in the tissues where it is applied. Thanks to this property, it acts by reducing the amount of secretions that may be generated in the skin and improving healing.

When this material is used on the skin, in addition to aiding healing, it can also help to reduce inflammation on the skin. For this reason, it is recommended to apply it after shaving or depilation. If wounds or irritated pores appear, the stone soothes the user’s skin and improves its condition after depilation.

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