Labnatur Bio Alum Stick Natural Deodorant 120gr

Labnatur Bio Alum Stick Natural Deodorant 120gr

(Code: 50004)

Labnatur Bio 100% Natural Alum Deodorant contains fungicidal and antibacterial properties to maintain underarm hygiene and neutralise odour.

Alcohol-free, allergen-free, fragrance-free. Does not contain aluminium hydrochloride or aluminium zirconium. Does not stain clothes.

Alum mineral is a natural bactericide that neutralises the bacteria that cause body odour. It does not clog or close skin pores. It dries instantly, leaving no white residue or stains on skin or clothing. Skin stays fresh longer without irritation.

The properties that compose it are:

  • Antiseptic: eliminates microorganisms leaving your skin free.

    Astringent: maintains dryness to prevent excessive sweating. This property helps to eliminate excess oil that may be produced.

  • Antiperspirant: prevents sweating, making it a good natural deodorant. In this way it eliminates the humidity in that area and prevents bad odour.

  • Hypoallergenic: the risk of allergy is minimal, so it is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin. It protects your skin and cares for it in detail, not allowing any of the ingredients to act negatively on your skin.

  • Haemostatic: it has healing compounds. So you can treat the wounds that may occur in that area, helping the healing and avoiding itching or redness.

This wonderful deodorant treats your skin with the utmost care, completely natural, leaving your skin protected and benefiting from the wonderful active ingredient that it is composed of.

Natural product made from alum stone, certified with the BioVidaSana seal.

Our Labnatur Bio Alum Deodorant belongs to our line of certified natural cosmetics. Natural and vegan product. Allergen and paraben free.

100% recycled plastic packaging. Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product packaged in Spain.

Active Ingredients


Natural alum stone is a mineral composed mainly of aluminium and potassium. Its most common use is as a deodorant, either in powder or stone form. This stone is of natural origin, it does not contain alcohol or perfume or other chemical compounds that are added to deodorants.

The benefits that this mineral has that makes them different from conventional deodorants. First of all its hypoallergenic characteristic that gives protection to the skin avoiding any allergic reaction, so it is ideal for the use of sensitive and reactive skins.

Its antiseptic property eliminates microorganisms, as well as being a natural bactericide that eliminates bad odour. So this deodorant eliminates odours caused by sweat, without any added fragrances.

It protects the skin by preventing the pores from clogging or closing, so it is very careful with the sensitive care of the areas where the deodorant is applied. In addition, it can be applied to damp skin after showering and to areas of the body after shaving.

Once applied, the deodorant dries instantly without leaving any white residue or stains on the skin or clothes, and is also invisible on the skin. It should be noted that being fragrance-free, it does not produce any odour. You will notice that after application you do not feel a sticky sensation either, as it is not sticky.

This deodorant does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium. By using it you are being environmentally friendly as it does not contain any harmful substances or gases.

In addition, as it has astringent and antiperspirant properties, you can provide dryness by maintaining dryness while preventing sweating, so alum stone is a good natural remedy to be part of the deodorant composition chain.

Thanks to the fact that it has the property of being haemostatic, it helps the healing of wounds that may have formed as a result of various causes, such as depilation or shaving.

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