Electric Facial Cleanser And Massager

Electric Facial Cleanser And Massager

(Code: 60001)

Daily facial cleansing is no longer an obligation but a real pleasure thanks to the electric facial massager: the easiest, most effective and pleasant way to cleanse your face every day.

This deep cleansing electric facial cleanser is a revolutionary 3 in 1: silicone facial cleanser, massager and powerful treatment tool. Thus, while thoroughly cleansing the skin of the face, it performs an intense massage that tightens the skin, firms it, restores elasticity and reactivates circulation.

This electric facial brush is very pleasant, easy to use and is conveniently rechargeable with a simple USB. Unlike other cleansers, the silicone heads of this electric facial cleanser operate at a speed of up to 8,000 pulses per minute, ensuring deep cleansing that thoroughly removes 99.5% of dirt, accumulated oil, pollution, toxins, impurities, dead skin, acne and make-up residue. It is a deep facial cleanser that totally renews the skin.

Unlike any other facial cleanser, this facial cleanser is designed to adapt to the anatomy of the face, reaching everywhere, even the most inaccessible and difficult areas of the face and neck.

It can be used with facial cleansing soap, as this cleanser is waterproof and can be used quietly and comfortably under the tap or in the shower, ensuring easier and faster cleaning.

The electric facial massager is 100% effective thanks to its 3 different zones of silicone heads:

  • ZONE 1: Precision cleaning for more inaccessible areas. The thicker filaments, located at the top of the brush, precisely clean areas of the face such as the T-zone.

  • ZONE 2: Deep cleaning. The medium filaments located at the back of the brush are in charge of deep and intensive cleansing, removing impurities and dead cells.

  • ZONE 3: Gentle and delicate cleaning in larger areas such as the forehead and cheeks thanks to the finer filaments.

In addition, its 5 five speeds adapt to the sensitivity of each skin type, offering different intensities according to the different cleaning intensities.

This electric facial cleanser, in addition to deep cleansing and massaging the face, has a treatment effect that produces real effects on the facial skin from the first days of use:

  • It cares for and visibly improves the skin leaving it more beautiful and healthy.
  • Firms the skin of the face.
  • After each use, it leaves the skin soft, smooth and brings light to the face, illuminating the skin and leaving it radiant.
  • Reduces the visibility of pores and improves the absorption of cosmetic products.

All it takes is two minutes of daily cleansing and your face will be healthier, brighter, firmer and more toned than ever.

Active Ingredients

Healthier looking skin

Get healthier looking skin with this facial massager from SYS Laboratory. The portable, waterproof design allows for use anytime, anywhere without difficulty. Skin will feel clean and fresh after each use thanks to the cleansing and cleansing massage surfaces. The new smart reminder that stops automatically after three minutes makes it easy to know how long it is being used.

Removes dead skin cells

The best facial massager to cleanse the face and rejuvenate the skin, it provides a gentle exfoliation on the facial skin that removes dead skin cells and renews the skin. Smoother skin.

Less impurities

The Facial Massager targets the areas that accumulate the most impurities such as cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. In this way, it helps to decongest the pores and eliminate dirt and grease from the skin, including traces of make-up, and also improves the absorption of your cosmetic products. You will have cleaner skin.

More radiance

The Facial Massager massages the skin, reactivating blood circulation and oxygenating the skin, making it fresher and more luminous. You will get a radiant skin.

More youthful

Facial cleansing with a facial cleanser acts on the areas prone to wrinkles and expression lines, giving the appearance of greater firmness. Smoother and younger looking skin.


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