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The Natural Essence SyS Citronella stands out for its soft and delicate floral fragrance combined with a citrus and musky base.

This SYS Natural Essence 12ml is concentrated. A few drops pure or dissolved in water in the bowl of a burner and it will spread its aroma throughout the room. It also has other alternative uses; put a few drops on the towels in the bathroom, on the pillow, inside a drawer, inside the toilet roll or kitchen roll, on the covers of your diary... Wherever a drop falls, the pleasant aroma of the natural essence is guaranteed.

The Citronella fragrance has been created by bringing together the essences of orange blossom, citrus and musky base notes. This plant forms a unique combination and creates a very intense lemony scent that concentrates the citrus touch.

In aromatherapy, the scent of Citronella is noted for producing a pleasant sensation of body/mind wellbeing. It reduces stress levels and helps to increase the ability to concentrate. It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

In any space, this scent creates environments that stand out for their fresh, citrusy, insect-free feel. Lemongrass, bursting into any place flooding it with a fresh, citrusy and intense aroma. The citronella scent repels mosquitoes and helps prevent mosquito bites.

Characteristics: Citrus, fruity and floral notes are dominant, with a musky background in the background. Its intensity is 4 points out of 5.

If you like the scent of Citronella and want to benefit from its insect repellent options, you have more options to enjoy it. You can put it in your brumaroma, on your wrists, on the outdoor terrace, in the shower, in your bathtub or in any of your favourite spaces. Discover it here.


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