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Sandalwood essence has a spicy, Indian woody aroma. In aromatherapy, it is used to scent rooms to stimulate peace, align the chakras and balance emotional well-being.

Due to their aromatic and aromatherapy properties, the essences act to improve our mood and facilitate relaxation of the body and mind. And of course, they are extremely pleasant and pleasing to the sense of smell.

Sandalwood has a spicy and woody aroma from India.

This classic, sophisticated and elegant fragrance is derived from the wood of Sandalwood, a sacred Indian tree. It is a warm, captivating, sweet and intoxicating scent, velvety, very intense, dominated by wood. The scent of Sandalwood is considered magical and is often used for spiritual purposes, which is why it is preferred by perfumers and aromatherapists.

In aromatherapy, Sandalwood is noted for its innumerable therapeutic and spiritual properties, as it is used for prayer, meditation and focusing thoughts. It is peace-inducing, balances emotional well-being and provides greater mental clarity. It is useful for enhancing mental abilities, studying, working and resolving complex situations. It generates a sense of tranquillity and combats anxiety, stress and negativity. It is also an invigorating and revitalising agent that promotes friendly relations, solidarity and honesty. It encourages fraternity among those who gather in front of its aroma, allowing transactions and agreements between them to be more fruitful and friendly. It drives away selfishness, envy and lies. It is a natural aphrodisiac, stimulates eroticism, increases libido and sexual energy.

In any space, this aroma creates atmospheres that stand out for their warmth and sensuality. Scenting with Sandalwood has calming properties, but far from generating drowsiness, it transmits inner peace, tranquillity and confidence. It is a recommended scent for use in the afternoon and evening.

Strength: 4 points out of 5.

Characteristics: Woody and sweet notes of resin and vanilla, in the background elegant notes of amber and incense.


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