Brumaroma Essence SyS 50ml Angelic Root

Brumaroma Essence SyS 50ml Angelic Root

(Code: 11204)

The Angelica Root Brumaroma has a balsamic and refreshing aroma reminiscent of anise, with a hint of spice. Also known as angel's herb, it helps to increase concentration and spiritual harmony.

It is ideal for reducing unpleasant odours and permeating your room with a pleasant scent of Angelica Root. It also helps to improve your mood and conveys an incredible sense of well-being.

Angelica root is a medicinal plant that belongs to the apiaceae family. It is native to Northern Europe and can grow up to 2 metres tall. Its medicinal properties and health benefits make it an excellent choice for your home.

Our brumaromas are essential oils designed exclusively for use in our brand's mists and humidifiers. Brumaromas are aroma diffusers that help to improve the atmosphere by regulating and increasing humidity.

Aromatherapy provides multiple benefits that promote both physical and psychological well-being. This is thanks to the properties of essential oils (or brumaromes), which help relieve physical discomfort and balance mood and emotions.

The combination of Angelica Root Brumaroma together with our mists brings a multitude of benefits to both the environment and the health of the person inhaling them.

Our Angelica Root Brumaroma is formulated with the natural essence of this wonderful plant. All our products comply ethically and responsibly with our commitment to the environment.
Product made in Spain.

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