Eternal Youth Pack

Eternal Youth Pack

(Code: 39224)

This beautiful gift pack that you see, is Eternal Youth, a perfect anti-ageing treatment. A very special gift based only on natural cosmetics, a pack that will make gift giving very easy, in fact it is the perfect gift.

In the Eternal Youth gift pack we have combined two 100% natural elements to create the perfect anti-ageing treatment.

One of them, the Jade Stone Facial Roller, is a great facial massager that is also very fashionable and the other one is the 100% pure and bio-certified liquid hyaluronic acid. Both are the perfect combination to give (or be given) one of the best anti-ageing treatments offered by commercial cosmetics today.

Eternal Youth is a recyclable cardboard box containing the perfect natural anti-ageing cosmetic routine, this massaging roller and serum is far more effective than any anti-wrinkle cream:

The jade roller, although often mistaken for green quartz, is in fact real jade stone, the same as that used to make the gua sha stone massager.

The jade roller is accompanied by a cutting-edge cosmetic: 100% pure liquid hyaluronic acid, whose active ingredients are indispensable in anti-ageing treatments. Both together are invincible, there are no anti-ageing treatments that can beat them.

The other indispensable element of Eternal Youth, as we have already mentioned, is liquid hyaluronic acid. Its active ingredients reconstitute the fibres that support the skin's tissues, help to visibly reduce wrinkles, increase firmness and revitalise the skin.

In the mornings, before going to sleep, when you are on your sofa watching a series or at any time of the day, there is nothing better than a pleasant massage with the jade stone (not to be confused with green quartz) and hyaluronic acid. The jade roller will ensure that the hyaluronic acid penetrates to the deepest layers and the anti-ageing action will be highly effective.

Eternal Youth is a gift to rejuvenate mature skin or any skin type. To stimulate blood circulation, activate lymphatic drainage, firm the skin, and give the best of anti-ageing treatments. It is the best gift that Father Christmas can give you or that you can give as a present, because you will be giving the possibility to improve the skin day by day, to regenerate it and to obtain a rejuvenated, beautiful and magnificent skin.

Give the possibility to enjoy the hyaluronic acid and its incredible benefits acting together with the jade roller. By the way, this facial massager works equally well with any facial serum or anti-wrinkle cream and is much more effective than the gua sha stone.

A natural pack to ask Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men for a solution to valentine's day presents so that they are not a problem, but a relief. A pack of natural cosmetics with two revolutionary anti-ageing products.


Active Ingredients

The jade roller is a facial roller that firms the skin, in fact it firms all skin types. It has a double roller, two different sizes to fit different areas of the face, the wider part is perfect for massaging the forehead, cheeks, lower chin and neck, and the smaller roller is designed for the areas around the eyes, temples, under the nose and chin area. The effects of the jade roller on the face are very effective and are noticeable from the very first moment. This facial roller stimulates blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. The result is an elastic, toned and rejuvenated skin.


The jade roller, used consistently, helps to lift the flabby areas of the face and neck, firms the skin and makes it visibly younger, it is pure gymnastics for the facial skin and the face thanks and reflects it.


Due to its firming, lifting, lifting and toning properties, the jade roller is particularly suitable for mature skin, due to its high effectiveness, but it is a facial roller that is recommended for all ages and for all skin types, being a product increasingly sought after by people in their 30s.


A very good and interesting trick is to keep the jade roller in the fridge or freezer so that it is very cold at the time of application. The jade stone cools down and both the sensation and the effect are much more intense.


An added value of the jade roller is that its persistent and uniform movement, classic of a roller, facilitates the penetration and absorption of any cream or serum, making them reach the deepest layers of the skin of the face, where it would never reach with a simple massage made with the fingers of the hand. This is why hyaluronic acid and the jade roller make an inseparable pair, because the roller ensures that the hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and doubles its regenerative effect.

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