Face Mask – SyS 15ml Dead Sea Mud & Mango

Face Mask – SyS 15ml Dead Sea Mud & Mango

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SYS natural cosmetics Dead Sea Mud and Mango Face Mask is formulated with a unique blend of Mango, Dead Sea Mud and Orange that soothes, cleanses and deeply purifies your skin.

Our masks are made with natural products and first cold pressed oils, which preserve all the beneficial properties of the plants. The combination of active ingredients in each mask provides multiple benefits, caring for and cleansing the skin of the face.

Dead Sea Mud has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, as well as providing a large amount of minerals that maintain the balance of the skin. In this way the skin is exfoliated, cleansed and detoxified, making it look radiant and healthy.

Thanks to the bromine which has soothing properties that soften the skin, it soothes the muscles of your face after application.

Mango helps to purify the skin and provides Vitamin A, it also has properties that regenerate the skin and thus scars or blemishes are reduced in a very visible way. This mask also contains orange which provides Vitamin C and luminosity to the skin, leaving it looking fresh and radiant.

Another benefit of a face mask that has mango in its composition is that this is an ideal treatment to reduce blackheads and pimples, thanks to its cleansing and antibacterial properties.

Thanks to its properties, applying a thin, even layer of this mask will cleanse impurities from the inside, giving you a fresher complexion, and you will be able to combat the signs of tired skin.

Our M.M. Mud and Mango Facial Mask contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that compose it. Natural product. Allergen and paraben free. Daily and unisex use. 

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested.

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud



Active Ingredients



Mango is a powerful natural antioxidant, which helps prevent premature ageing of the skin and combats the action

Mango is a powerful natural antioxidant, which helps prevent premature ageing of the skin and combats the action of free radicals. It improves the cell regeneration process and reduces scars. Its use is recommended for skin rash and anti-wrinkle treatments as it enhances the suppleness of our skin.

This fruit is a natural moisturiser so it deeply hydrates the skin, so if you have skin that dries out excessively, mango is a natural remedy that will provide you with the necessary hydration to combat cracks in the skin caused by dryness.

Therefore, it has a great moisturising, anti-inflammatory and soothing power. It provides luminosity and softness to the skin and it is rich in Vitamin A.

If you suffer from any type of conditions such as blackheads and pimples, this is a powerful natural remedy due to its antibacterial and cleansing properties.

In addition, if you have oily skin with a tendency to develop acne, thanks to its astringent and anti-acne properties you will be able to dissolve excess oil and sebum in the dermis.


Dead Sea Mud has therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. It has a great exfoliating power, allowing it to drain impurities, and also controls excess sebum thanks to its high level of mineral salts.

It helps in the process of cell regeneration and stimulates blood circulation. In addition, it provides great benefits in skin care and keeps the skin clean, free of impurities and healthy for longer. It makes your skin relaxed, as one of the ingredients of the Dead Sea mud, bromine, acts as a muscle relaxant, making the skin look much smoother.

Dead Sea mud also oxygenates, rejuvenates and relaxes the skin. In order to achieve a balanced skin, it provides the necessary minerals to make this happen. Its detoxifying and disinfecting properties help to purify your skin by removing dirt and dead skin cells.

A surprising benefit of this mud is that it helps reverse the signs of ageing. So it smoothes and makes your skin look younger.

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