Calendula & Chamomile Face Scrub SyS 100ml

(Code: 41610)

The SYS Calendula and Chamomile Facial Scrub improves skin texture and elasticity. Removes impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells. It moisturises, nourishes, cleanses and softens the skin. It also facilitates the absorption of creams, serums and other facial lotions, so it is perfect for use before any treatment.

Exfoliation drags the dead cells from the surface of the skin, making a sweeping action that gives luminosity to the face and cleanses the impurities that accumulate in this part of the body. Thanks to this exfoliation, the skin on the face becomes smooth and soft and is prepared for the application of beauty treatments.

We also have the Facial Scrub for normal skin with Aloe Vera and Bamboo.

Active Ingredients


Calendula has a powerful therapeutic action, which is why it is called the marigold flower. It regenerates and nourishes the skin, ideal for sensitive skin and for children. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-ulcer and bactericide.

Calendula is also effective in relieving sunburn, as a healing and skin soothing agent. It soothes dry skin, eliminates flakes and prevents dehydration lines.


Chamomile is a very popular plant that has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine. In cosmetics, it stands out for its great soothing and purifying action.

It has anti-inflammatory and softening properties, which relax and improve skin elasticity. Thanks to its high content of essential oils, it is ideal for the care of sensitive skin. It is an excellent natural cleanser and has a great detoxifying power.

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