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We have created Green Splendor, a Valentine's day gift made only from natural and organic ingredients, the gift that will make it easy for you to get your Valentine's day presents just right.

Green Splendor is a gift pack that comes in a recyclable cardboard box containing only organic products. It actually contains three Labnatur Bio products of certified natural cosmetics.  In Green Splendor everything is sustainable, both its cardboard box and its straw interior and its Labnatur Bio certified products.

A special gift for so many people who are equally concerned about taking care of themselves, but in doing so do not want to harm the environment, and their goal is to respect the planet and maintain a healthy and sustainable life.

A pack of certified organic cosmetics created to take care of the skin, the health of people and the health of the planet alike.

Green Splendor is a gift pack that offers a different and sustainable beauty routine, 100% ecological. A beauty routine of natural origin, easy to perform and extra for skin care. It is an extra routine because, in addition to the daily routine that we usually do when applying our usual serums and creams, Green Splendor brings added value to our daily skin care habits, adding a weekly routine that is necessary for an integral and complete skin care routine.

This pack of natural and organic cosmetics introduces the concept of a weekly skin care routine and does so with two very special, organic and certified exfoliating scrubs, to be applied weekly, although it is much better to apply them twice a week.

Green Splendor contains an organic-only weekly beauty routine: two scrubs, one facial scrub and one body scrub, both containing only natural ingredients: volcanic sand and coconut fibre. This time cadence is ideal for keeping the skin on the face and body free of impurities, dead skin and toxins.

Volcanic sand and coconut fibre are 100% natural ingredients and totally suitable for skin exfoliation. Their texture is ideal for removing dirt and impurities, reaching even the deepest layers of the skin. They remove dead skin and free the face and body of toxins, with the right texture to drag everything and at the same time provide a non-aggressive but very effective massage. A massage that, both on the face and on the body, should be carried out with the fingertips and in a circular motion.

As for the texture of these scrubs, of course, the level of grind for each of them is different. The facial scrub is much more shredded and the massage is much gentler, while the body scrub has the volcanic sand and coconut fibre textures much coarser to be more effective on both body skin and particularly stubborn and difficult parts such as feet, knees and elbows.

But in addition to volcanic sand and coconut fibre, these scrubs contain more naturally sourced ingredients. Labnatur Bio's facial scrub also contains essential oils of cucumber and Aloe Vera that not only cleanse the skin but also give it an extra dose of nourishment, softness and hydration. The Labnatur Bio body scrub contains Avocado and Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, so that in addition to deeply exfoliating the skin, it provides great hydration and nutrition, while softening and toning it, and all with a great antioxidant effect.

And after exfoliation, a good dose of extra hydration never hurts, that's why the Green Splendor gift pack includes a certified organic moisturising body cream, which hydrates, repairs and protects even the most sensitive skins, as it contains Organic Calendula, Hamamelis and Aloe Vera oil.

A sustainable pack that promotes fair trade, specially designed to solve valentine's day gifts and make them not a problem, but a relief.


Active Ingredients

Green Splendor is the best gift you can give yourself or someone else, because what you are really giving them is the chance to get new skin every week, to regenerate the skin and to have rejuvenated, beautiful and magnificent skin.

The weekly exfoliation routine with volcanic sand, coconut fibre and essential oils, plus the daily dose of body hydration with the moisturising body cream that the Green Splendor gift pack also includes, is what will really make the difference.

And only with Labnatur Bio products, because giving certified natural cosmetics as a gift is a matter of responsibility for both the giver and the receiver.


With the daily routine plus the weekly routine from Green Splendor, skin care will be complete.

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