Sauna Therapy Face Mask – SyS 15ml Oatmeal & Honey


Active Ingredients



Honey is a great natural moisturiser and emollient that makes the skin soft and radiant. Thanks to its antioxidant and regenerating properties, it helps delay skin ageing and combats the action of free radicals. It deeply nourishes, eliminates toxins and prevents skin dryness. High in vitamins, sugars and minerals.


Oats are an excellent natural moisturiser and emollient. It regulates the natural pH of the skin. Its soothing properties help to reduce irritation, redness and itching. It also stimulates collagen synthesis, helps to reduce wrinkles and increases skin firmness.

It makes hair soft and shiny, facilitates combing and reduces static electricity. As a protein, it acts on the hair, protecting it from external aggressions.