Himalayan Bath Salts SyS 1200gr

Himalayan Bath Salts SyS 1200gr

(Code: 20301)

The Bath salts of 1200 grams SYS of authentic pink Himalayan salt, 100% natural. Scented, relaxing, moisturising, exfoliating and beneficial for body health.

Its pink colour is 100% natural and is characteristic of this type of salt. The colour indicates the authenticity of this product, which is considered one of the most beneficial, pure and pollutant-free salts on the planet.

There is scientific evidence that these soothing bath salts have great health benefits, the same as effervescent bath salts, all the benefits that sodium chloride has on the skin:

Pink Himalayan salt, fine or in the form of crystals, acts differently in the bath or in the shower.

In the bath: The scented Himalayan salt is a complete spa that relaxes the skin as it is a great natural relaxant. These bath salts are perfect for moisturising the skin and are also an excellent detoxifier. Their exceptional ability to remove dead skin cells makes them ideal for combating acne.

Its restorative nutrients stimulate blood circulation, control high blood pressure and reduce muscle pain. It combines very well with essential oils, both added to the bath and put directly on the skin after bathing with these salts.

In the shower: Himalayan salt is a wonderful exfoliator that removes all dead skin cells and also eliminates excess oil. It fights cellulite.

In addition to being a salt for relaxation and pleasure, to make your own spa at home, its extraordinary benefits make Himalayan salt bath salt very active in body care and very suitable for certain health problems such as high blood pressure, acne, cellulite and stress.

The World Health Organisation recommends not to exceed 5g. of salt intake per day, but these bath salts are NOT FOR FOOD USE and in the bath mixed with water or in the shower, you can use as much as you like.


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