Syros Ultrasonic Humidifier 360ml

Syros Ultrasonic Humidifier 360ml

(Code: 04003)

SYROS 360ml Ultrasonic BRUMIZADOR - HUMIDIFIER, helps to improve the environment by regulating and increasing humidity.

It is used by adding water to the aroma diffuser tank, together with a few drops of essential oil. These essential oils (which we call brumaromas) must be designed for exclusive use in brumizadores, otherwise they could seriously damage the humidifier.

This mist blower creates a cool mist or steam through silent ultrasonic vibrations, which reduces unpleasant odours and impregnates your room with the fragrance of your favourite mist blower.

We have in our catalogue a wide variety of Brumaromas for all types of rooms, which together with the Syros Ultrasonic Humidifier Brumaroma Mist Maker provide benefits both in the environment and in the health of those who inhale them, making it an excellent aromatherapy diffuser.

Ideal for regulating the humidity in the baby's room without interfering with their rest. It reduces the risk of the microorganisms that cause respiratory infections proliferating.

Aromatherapy provides multiple benefits that promote both physical and psychological well-being. This is thanks to the properties of essential oils, which help to reduce physical discomfort and balance mood and emotions.

In addition, it is ideal for regulating the humidity in the baby's room without interfering with their rest. It also helps to reduce the risk of respiratory infection-causing micro-organisms proliferating.

Its capacity is 360 ml of water, which is equivalent to about 9 hours, until we have to replenish the water. It also switches off automatically when the water runs out, so we can stop worrying about it, for example when we leave the house or at night.

IMPORTANT: In order for our mistblower to work properly, it is necessary that the inner filter is completely wet.聽For this reason, it is normal that when the filter is changed or the Brumizador is used for the first time, it takes a few minutes to create water vapour. Do not use tap water. Distilled water is recommended.  

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