Jade Stone Facial Massager 2 Rollers

(Code: 60003)

The facial jade roller, also known as jade roller or jade stone, is a double massage roller for facial care, which is very popular in the world of cosmetics. It is an indispensable element for any treatment with cosmetic products to become more effective, pleasant and have more visible and lasting effects.

The Jade Roller is made of natural jade stone, smooth, cool and therefore very refreshing jade stones, which on first contact with the face, already relieves fatigue and stress, but has many more uses and benefits for the facial skin.

The jade facial roller is completely natural and contains no chemicals or irritants. The benefits of the jade roller are many and all of them clearly visible from the first moments of use. Mainly, the benefits of the jade stone roller are:

Relieve facial tension, reduce wrinkles, reduce puffiness, reduce dark circles under the eyes, reduce fine lines, brighten the skin, minimise enlarged pores, eliminate toxins and improve skin elasticity. In addition, massage with the jade roller increases elastin, improves lymphatic drainage and reactivates blood circulation.

But in addition to all this, it should be noted that the jade facial roller used together with the usual creams and cosmetic treatments, enhances the effect of these, as its massage roller facilitates and improves the penetration and absorption of daily facial products such as creams or serums. Thanks to the jade roller and its massaging action, the products reach the very last layer of the skin and act deeper and in the meantime, the skin is tightened, toned and its elasticity, puffiness and appearance are noticeably improved.

Although the jade roller can be used at any time of the day, it is most effective at night, after washing the face, to apply the usual night products to the face and neck. It is recommended to be used at least three nights a week.

The jade roller is a great ally, as it facilitates the application of treatments and cosmetic products. The massages that we have always done with hands and fingers, are now more effective, efficient and pleasant, with the smooth, cold and hard stone of the Jade.  

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