Volumising Effect Lip Balm Labnatur 15ml

(Code: 41481)

Labnatur's Volumising Lip Balm increases the volume and hydration of the lips. It prevents skin ageing and has a great antioxidant effect.

It is made with Vegetable Oils with high moisturising properties and SPF10 sun protection.

Active Ingredients

Manteca de Cacao


Cocoa Butter is known for its moisturising and antioxidant properties. It deeply nourishes and protects the skin from UVA rays. Thanks to its great moisturising power, it provides softness, suppleness and elasticity to the skin. It is ideal for regenerating skin cells and preventing premature ageing. It increases the production of natural collagen and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. High Vitamin E content.


This oil is obtained from the fruit of the almond tree, native to Central Asia. Thanks to its incredible properties it is known as an elixir of health and beauty. It is composed of oleic acid and linoleic acids, and is rich in vitamin E. Its colour is slightly golden and it is noted for its sweet aroma.

It is noted for its moisturising properties and delays the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing. Softens and deeply nourishes the skin. Soothing and relaxing effect, ideal for irritated or damaged skin. Treats burns caused by UV rays. Effective for treating scars and skin marks, prevents and improves stretch marks.


Mustard Sprouts stimulate blood circulation and have a strong anti-inflammatory action. As a result, they plump and moisturise the lips, improving their appearance, definition and tone. It also has fungicidal and antibacterial properties, and its antioxidant power helps to combat free radical damage.


This plant has great antioxidant, purifying and soothing properties, which is why it is so widely used in cosmetics. Powerful natural detoxifier. It eliminates pore obstruction, helping to cleanse the skin and allowing the product to penetrate better.

Its soothing action is very useful to relieve reddened skin or skin damaged by UV rays. It has a great anti-inflammatory power and improves blood circulation.


Shea butter is obtained from the fruit of a tree that grows in West Africa. Thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content, it provides a great number of skin care benefits. It stands out for its great moisturising and nourishing power, which offers great elasticity and firmness to the skin.

It is an excellent cell regenerator and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is healing, soothing and provides protection to the skin against external agents such as the sun, cold or wind. It is also ideal for protecting and deeply moisturising hair. It stimulates the production of collagen, thus delaying skin ageing and helping to diminish even the deepest wrinkles. Powerful natural moisturiser, ideal for dry and damaged skin.


Menthol is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It has a great cooling effect on the skin. It also provides a cooling sensation that acts as a muscle relaxant.



Vitamin C is a natural ingredient that has many benefits for the skin. It is a powerful antioxidant, which neutralises free radicals and delays skin ageing. It plumps and improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Stimulates collagen synthesis, provides elasticity and suppleness to the skin. Rapid absorption.

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