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SYS Premium Natural Red Clay Soap is handmade with natural ingredients and cold pressed.

Red Clay stimulates the blood flow, so it can sometimes redden the area and increase its temperature thanks to the activation of the circulation.

  • It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Soothing and decongestive.

  • Astringent, deep cleanses the 3 layers of the skin.

  • Deep cleansing. Eliminates impurities and blackheads. Indicated for oily skins.

  • Moisturising, regenerating and softening. Anti-ageing effect.

Contains exclusively Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, both oils provide daily skin care with an intense aroma and a creamy texture, protecting the epidermis from the external aggressions of everyday life.

Olive Oil is ideal for the care of dry or damaged skin in natural cosmetics, thanks to its many properties. It is a natural moisturiser, providing shine, softness and elasticity to the skin.

Finally, Coconut Oil has a very high vitamin E and K content, which makes it a powerful ally when it comes to improving the condition of our skin. It is a safe solution to prevent dryness and flaking.

Our SYS Premium Natural Red Clay Soap contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that make it up. Natural product. Paraben free.
Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product made in Spain.


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Red Clay

Red Clay

Active Ingredients


Perfect for more sensitive skins because it renews the cellular structure, among other general health benefits.

The properties of red clay include the amount of vitamins and minerals it provides, such as iron, aluminium, magnesium and calcium. It is often a good remedy for stimulating blood flow, as it favours blood flow, while it has an important antiseptic, astringent and draining action, and has great absorption power.

Thanks to its many properties, red clay stimulates healing and neutralises toxins.

Red clay stands out for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for sensitive skin types as it reduces inflammation and stimulates blood circulation.

In addition, it has a great astringent capacity so it manages to clean in depth the 3 layers of the skin, that is to say, it manages to clean even the deepest layers of the skin, thus managing to eliminate the excess of grease that is produced both in the face and in the body.

These properties result in a calming and decongestive effect, allowing your skin to appear much more relaxed and oxygenated, obtaining the wonderful effect of combating premature signs of ageing.

By deeply cleansing the skin, the red clay will be able to eliminate impurities, blackheads and toxins that are produced in your skin as a result of the free radicals that your skin is exposed to day after day.


High in essential fatty acids, oleic acid, linoleic acid and squalene which provide antioxidant properties and help restore the skin’s natural moisture levels.

Rich in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E, it helps to nourish, regenerate and soften the skin and hair. Thanks to tripterpenes and oleuropein, it has photoprotective qualities.

High oleic acid content, which preserves natural antioxidants, vitamins and other components, helping to maintain hydration and favouring the preservation of the cell membrane, thus preventing premature ageing of the skin. Healing, regenerating and adjuvant in the synthesis of collagen. Regenerates the skin.


This vegetable oil is extracted from mature coconuts. Thanks to its composition of saturated fatty acids, it is indispensable in any beauty routine. It deeply moisturises and softens the skin. It promotes cell regeneration and combats premature ageing.

It is ideal for daily hair care thanks to its moisturising, nourishing and repairing properties. It contains proteins that protect from external aggressions and increase its elasticity. Provides great softness and shine. Very rich in Vitamins E and K.

In the most traditional medicine, coconut has multiple uses, and this fruit has the capacity to treat many different conditions thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Coconut has even been used in cases of colds, burns, even bruises, among many other functions.

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