Mystic Sandalwood Pack

Mystic Sandalwood Pack

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This attractive gift pack that you see between is a special aromatherapy gift pack, designed to scent spaces while providing multiple health benefits.

A mist humidifier to humidify any space, accompanied by a very special sandalwood mist, a star aroma, because it is one of the most popular and valued aromas: Sandalwood mist (Santalum Album).

The White Ultrasonic Humidifier Mist Maker with automatic switch off, is an aroma diffuser mist maker that creates ambient mist, that is to say, it expels humidity in the form of a fine and pleasant mist that fills any space with very fine drops of condensed water and of course with aroma.

Its capacity is 255ml of water, which is equivalent to 7 hours of continuous operation until we have to make a new refill. In addition, it has an automatic shut-off function that activates when the water runs out, so we can forget about it when we leave the house or during the night.

It also features coloured LED lights, which give a modern and stylish touch to this designer vape and incorporates different vaporisation options.

The White Ultrasonic Humidifier Mist Mist Maker provides both environmental and health benefits, being an excellent aromatherapy diffuser and for Christmas, the star of aromatherapy is the sandalwood, that's why we have included it together with the mist mist maker in this Mystic sandalwood gift pack.

The benefits of sandalwood, also known as Santalum Album, are manifold. For starters, sandalwood oil is the favourite scent of many men, which makes Mystic Sandalwood a very masculine gift pack, perfect for those men who are never quite sure what to get.

Sandalwood is a tree native to India and the properties of sandalwood have always been considered sacred. It is from its wood and root that its essential oils are obtained, in particular sandalwood oil, which is the one that brings us all the properties of sandalwood. Sandalwood is a tree that is nowadays protected.

The benefits of sandalwood are many and in aromatherapy, the properties of sandalwood are very effective. Its aroma invites reflection, it is attributed with relaxing properties and is widely used in meditation, to achieve inner harmony, although it is also used to lift the spirits. It is highly recommended to alleviate anxiety, insomnia, stress and nervous tension.

Another benefit of sandalwood is that it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

Sandalwood Brumizer and Sandalwood Brumaroma are the protagonists of Mystic Sandalwood, the perfect gift pack for men and for lovers of aromas, health, relaxation, meditation, aromatherapy and alternative therapies.

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Active Ingredients

The misting device is very beneficial for our health, as it regulates and increases humidity, helping to improve the environment.

When the cells of our body become unbalanced, they generate free radicals which are harmful because, among other things, they accelerate the ageing process. One of the causes of cell imbalance, and therefore the release of free radicals, are dust, airborne dirt and pollution, among many other things.

These free radicals are harmful to our skin, as they destabilise its moisture levels, cause damage and, as we have said, accelerate the ageing process. 聽In the same way that there are creams and serums that act against free radicals by ensuring an optimal level of moisture in the skin, the mist remover purifies the environment of toxins, dust and pollution and also provides us with the right level of moisture in our skin and thus also protects us from free radicals.

Therefore, using a misting device not only fills our favourite space with our favourite scent, but also slows down the ageing process of the skin, makes it smoother, softer and healthier. In addition, breathing in the fine ambient mist keeps our airways moist and in optimal condition, which is a direct health benefit, specifically for our respiratory system.

The mist maker is used by adding water to the tank, together with a few drops of essential oils that we call Brumaromas. These essential oils must be designed for exclusive use in Brumaromas, as any other type of essences with too much oil could seriously damage the humidifier.

By means of silent ultrasonic vibrations, this humidifier creates an ambient mist or water vapour that impregnates any room.

Aromatherapy provides multiple benefits that promote both physical and psychological well-being. This is thanks to the properties of essential oils, which help to alleviate physical discomfort and balance mood and emotions.

In addition, it is ideal for regulating the humidity in your baby’s room without interfering with their rest. It also helps to reduce the risk of respiratory infection-causing micro-organisms proliferating.

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