Apply the desired amount on the palm of your hand and massage until completely absorbed.

1. Unisex use.

2. Daily use.

3. Sensitive Skin.

4. Fresh, floral scent.


Soothing and purifying action, as well as being an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Chamomile stimulates the healing of minor wounds and skin inflammations, in a totally natural way. Applied in the facial routine, it relieves chafing with redness and relieves skin eruptions. It also has softening properties thanks to its content in essential oils and flavonoids, which is why it is usually present in cosmetics indicated for the care of sensitive skin. It cares for the skin without altering the hydrolipidic mantle or its physiological pH.

Sweet Almond Oil

Softens, hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin, delays the appearance of wrinkles and prevents stretch marks Slightly soothing and relaxing.

Shea butter

Brings luminosity to the skin and hair, and offers more hydration and more elasticity. It is an excellent cell regenerator that offers intense hydration and long-lasting nutrition. On the other hand, it also acts as a natural sunscreen against UVA and UVB rays. It is healing, relaxing and provides protection against the cold.


It improves the so-called barrier function because it acts on keratinocytes, stimulating the synthesis of structural proteins. Activates the skin’s immune system, stimulating the production of antimicrobial peptides. It improves flexibility, because it extends beyond the epidermis and reaches the fibroblasts, stimulating the synthesis of collagen in the dermis.

Vitamin E

It is used in cosmetics for its antioxidant properties and also acts as a skin conditioning agent. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, improves skin tone, provides the necessary moisture and keeps it firm.


Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Moisturizing, heals irritations and wounds. Prevents acne. Eliminate fungi and other types of infections.


Helps remove dead cells and accelerate healthy tissue growth, while providing necessary hydration.

In addition, the action of allantoin has been observed to stimulate the formation of keratin, collagen and elastin. Thanks to this, our skin becomes smoother and more elastic, thus achieving a healthy and rejuvenated appearance.

Aloe Vera

Thanks to its high content of magnesium and sicylic acid, Aloe Vera acts on the 3 layers of the epidermis to reduce inflammation and soften the skin. It also helps to expel the fat deposits that clog the pores of the skin to the outside.