Stop The Time Pack

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Christmas is the most important holiday of the year Do you already know what to give this Christmas? What are you going to ask Father Christmas for? What about the Three Wise Men? Do you want a solution that will solve all your Christmas gifts and that is original and surprising?

  How about this gift pack designed to slow down body ageing? More specifically, to slow down the ageing of the skin on the face and undoubtedly, to bring quality of life to all those who use it. It is a highly effective treatment pack for the skin that does not leave indifferent the people who try it and we encourage you to discover it, to give it as a gift or better still, to ask for it as a gift!

  Christmas is the holiday where gifts are the protagonists and Stop the Time is your star gift pack to give this Christmas. Those two jars of cream you see among the Christmas lights are two powerful anti-ageing products at the height of anti-ageing medicine. Two trendy products, formulated with natural active ingredients and manufactured with state-of-the-art cosmetic technology. With an anti-ageing effect that acts as a medium-term routine, applied every day and also acts as a flash effect due to its immediate tensor effect.

  The ageing process is a natural process. It can be slowed down by the lifestyle habits of each person, for example, nutrition, physical exercise, adequate rest and an organised and stress-free life. But one of the decisive factors in slowing down the ageing process is skin care, especially facial skin care. A care that does not require great efforts, but a daily constancy, keeping the face clean and hydrated and above all, finding the right anti-ageing products, anti-ageing products that are undoubtedly those contained in the Stop the Time gift pack.

  The facial serum and the Botox Effect facial cream are the protagonists of Stop the Time, the perfect antiaging gift pack, a Christmas gift that is complete, it doesn't need anything else.

  Formulated with hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients, the Botox Effect serum and facial cream are a treatment that in addition to having medium-term effects, produces the pleasure of an immediate face lift effect, so that the treatment has its anti-aging effect over time, but every day you also feel this face lift that instantly rejuvenates and makes you feel good every morning in front of the mirror.

  If you include this daily routine in your lifestyle, facial rejuvenation is guaranteed. All you have to do is follow a lifestyle that includes physical exercise, a balanced diet and the corresponding hours of sleep. That and the Stop the Time gift pack is enough to slow down body ageing.

On the 25th of December, among your Christmas decorations and next to the Christmas tree, make sure that Stop the Time is part of your Christmas gifts, make sure that you are giving (or will be giving) this perfect Christmas gift, a gift that goes beyond Christmas, because it has a new New Year's resolution:

  "I'm going to stick to the Botox Effect daily beauty routine and my face will not only rejuvenate as the weeks go by, but it will be glowing and youthful from the start, every single day."

  A natural cosmetic pack that will undoubtedly increase the quality of life of those using it.

  On Santa Claus day or the 25th of December put it among your Christmas decorations, under your Christmas tree, let it look nice, illuminated by the Christmas lights. A perfect gift because whoever gives it will be excited and whoever receives it is sure to be extremely happy and that is the true Christmas spirit.

All the products in this pack contain a high percentage of active ingredients. Natural and vegan products. Allergen and paraben free.
Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Products manufactured in Spain.


Active Ingredients

The Stop the Time Botox Effect daily beauty routine is considered one of those original gifts. With Stop the Time Botox Effect, skin care is comprehensive and complete, as the Botox Effect facial cream and Botox Effect facial serum have it all, they are considered highly effective cosmetics, very close to anti-ageing medicine.

They contain all-natural and highly effective ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Vitamins C and E, Acmella, Polypeptides and Allantoin among many other things. A combination of: natural cosmetic ingredients with high technology and an impeccable formulation that promotes the renewal of epidermal cells and delays the natural ageing process. The result is a latest generation of highly effective cosmetic products that offer visible and long-lasting, state-of-the-art, high-tech results.


Proof of this are the two premium facial products contained in the Stop the Time gift pack. A serum and a cutting-edge cream that help to firm the skin, are healing and regenerating, moisturising, soothing and antioxidant, reduce wrinkles and expression lines, illuminate and have a powerful anti-aging effect on facial skin in the medium term, in addition to the daily tightening effect.


A trend-setting gift pack that responds with solutions to a new market of people who require immediate and effective solutions that fit their lifestyle, as sophisticated as they are effective and natural. Stop the Time is aimed at all these people and is designed to solve Christmas gifts so that they are not a problem, but a relief. This year it is essential to ask Father Christmas or the Three Wise Men.

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