Palo Santo SyS 25gr

Palo Santo SyS 25gr

(Code: 03639)

Palo Santo SYS 25g is well known for its relaxing properties. It is used to expel negative energies and attract positive energies.

The origin of Palo Santo is very ancient, it was used by the Inca Shamans in their religious-spiritual rituals as a tool to attract good luck, to ward off any sign of negativity and to achieve a better spiritual communication with their gods.

It is obtained in a very traditional way, as the sticks are cut by hand and dried naturally for more than four years.

Among its incredible benefits is that it cleanses and purifies the environment of bad vibrations and negative forces. It also serves to alleviate nervous tension in the rooms and thus eliminates domestic conflicts.

Its earthy and enigmatic quality helps to improve the love and spiritual relationship in couples. It is also an excellent natural mosquito repellent which makes it a great summer ally.

Another of its properties is that it helps to control current illnesses caused by stress. It brings peace, harmony and increases creativity.

Directly brought from Peru, it is characterised by its sweet and citric aroma that fills your rooms with an unequalled atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Palo Santo is widely used in aromatherapy and disciplines such as yoga as it favours meditation and relaxation of body and mind.

Thanks to all its properties and benefits, it gives us an incredible feeling of peace, happiness and harmony. This also makes us have a better state of mind and feel better physically and mentally.

Its use is very simple, burn one end of the palo santo until a small flame comes out. Once lit, shake it until the flame goes out and gives off smoke. Each palo santo can be lit more than 50 times.

Our Palo Santo SYS is a 100% natural and certified product. Original from Peru.


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