100% Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil SyS 10ml

100% Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil SyS 10ml

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SYS Palo Santo oil is of vegetable origin, 100% pure and natural. Its sweet and citrus scent conveys the countless properties and benefits of the Palo Santo tree, making it a very special and different oil.

Our Palo Santo oil can be applied directly to the skin, pure or diluted a few drops in water. It works very well in combination with a base oil such as almond oil.

As a cosmetic, applied to the skin, it is a powerful fungicide, antioxidant and helps in anti-inflammatory processes.

Among its therapeutic properties, it is an excellent depurative and antirheumatic. A few simple drops on the chest, nose and neck: helps with migraines, allergies, stress, flu, asthma and also helps to reduce bad moods.

In massage: relieves contractures, muscle stiffness, muscle and joint pain.

In an essence diffuser, just dilute a few drops in water and aromatize any space transmitting its innumerable benefits and properties to the people who breathe them. In aromatherapy it has sedative and relaxing properties, it acts against sadness and despondency. It is used to expel negative energies and attract positive energies.

In a mist or essence diffuser, Palo Santo essential oil also helps to deepen spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation, relaxes body and mind, and is therefore widely used in aromatherapy and disciplines such as Yoga, Reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, etc.

Its earthy and enigmatic quality helps to improve the love and spiritual relationship in couples. It is also an excellent natural mosquito repellent which makes it a great ally for the summer, applied directly to the skin or pour a few drops in water and add it to an essence diffuser.

As you can see, the benefits of Palo Santo essential oil are endless. Thanks to all its properties and cosmetic benefits, either alone or mixed with a base oil such as almond oil, or for its therapeutic and aromatherapy properties, Palo Santo essential oil brings an incredible feeling of well-being, happiness and balance, which makes us have a better mood and feel better physically and mentally.

Palo Santo SYS (Bursera Graveolens) is a 100% natural and certified product from Peru.
Palo Santo SYS is a 100% natural and certified product from Peru.

Active Ingredients


The origin of the Palo Santo, whose scientific name is Bursera Graveolens is very ancient, the Inca shamans already used the sacred wood of Palo Santo or also took great care in the preparation of aromatic resins of Palo Santo in their religious-spiritual rituals.

Their rituals were based on the sacred properties attributed to the wood, they sought to achieve better spiritual communication with their gods, attract good luck and purify environments, to ward off negative energy and any sign of evil spirits.

The properties of Palo Santo therefore go back to a long and ancient tradition of spiritual mastery.

SYS Palo Santo essential oil brings us the incredible properties of the Palo Santo tree, the benefits of which are endless.

This pure oil increases the flow of positive energy in the body if applied or in any environment if used as an air freshener or flavouring.

It has the relaxing properties of myrrh incense or similar, as they share the same characteristics. Its sweet smell eliminates all discomforts caused by stress.

Palo Santo oil is used to create a special and intimate atmosphere, where there is only room for good energies.

Palo Santo essential oil, 100 % pure, has not undergone any industrial processing. It has always been used for spiritual purposes for centuries and now its cosmetic application gives it another, wider and more interesting dimension.

The Palo Santo tree originates from a tree species native to the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula in Peru. The Palo Santo tree belongs to the same botanical family (Burseraceae) as the myrrh frankincense trees, which also possess powerful benefits known throughout the world.

The most curious thing about this tree is that it is never cut down, it must always die of natural causes and this is the only way for the Palo Santo tree to generate its aromatic resins, i.e. its essential and special oil. The preparation of resins is crucial to obtain a well-scented Palo Santo wood, with a sweet and characteristic smell and with maximum properties.

This phase begins after the tree has died naturally. Then, the tree itself generates these aromatic resins, a unique oil that begins to impregnate its trunk and branches. For the process to be complete, three to four years must pass. Four years of waiting and the Peruvian Palo Santo tree is now fully impregnated with its essential, spiritual and aromatic oil.

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