Peel-Off Face Mask – SyS 10ml Cucumber

(Code: 50650)

The Cucumber Peeling Facial Mask SYS cleanses the skin in depth, providing all the hydration it needs. The peel-off format makes it easy and convenient to use.

Active Ingredients



This vegetable has a high water content and is very rich in vitamin B, C and minerals such as potassium. This means that it has emollient, refreshing and anti-oily properties. It has a moisturising, refreshing and decongestive action. It also acts as a skin stimulant, revitalising and softening agent. It is widely used in face creams and cleansing creams, as it gives a much fresher and rested appearance to the skin. In addition, thanks to its anti-oily property, it is a great tool to combat acne and pimples. It moisturises and revitalises hair, making it look stronger and healthier.

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