Blackberry Spray Perfume SyS 50ml

Blackberry Spray Perfume SyS 50ml

(Code: 40706)

The Blackberry Spray Perfume SyS 50ml is fruity, sweet, with acid touches and very intense.

The Blackberry stands out for its antioxidant properties, and its high content in vitamin C and E. Vitamin E stimulates the healing of damaged skin. It acts as an antioxidant, regenerates and detoxifies, improving skin tone. It also helps prevent premature ageing of the skin. Finally, Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, providing greater luminosity, elasticity and density to the skin.

The Blackberry fragrance, stands out for its fresh and balsamic notes. A fruity, sweet aroma, with acid touches and very intense, this is the characteristic aroma of the blackberry.

If you like the aroma of blackberry, you have more options to enjoy it. In addition to your bathtub, you can put it in your shower, in your car, in your drawers and wardrobes, on the terrace, or in any of your favourite spaces.聽Discover it here.


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