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This beautiful and modern gift pack that you see between is Pink Beauty, a very special valentine's day gift only based on natural cosmetics, a pack that will make it very easy to give as a present, in fact it is the perfect gift.

The Rosa Mosqueta, Rosa Eglanteria or Rosa rubiginosa is the absolute protagonist of Pink Beauty. This wild shrub is top ten when it comes to skin care. Rosehip is known all over the world and not only that, it has real fans all over the world. If you or your family, friends and acquaintances are among them, if you love Rosehip, or if you simply want to discover it, you will love the Pink Beauty gift pack, it is your perfect gift.

Pink Beauty comes in a recyclable cardboard box containing a perfect routine of natural cosmetics, based only on Rosehip.

A solid Rosehip soap, to start the facial routine with a clean face, and accompanying the soap, the silicone facial massager that cleanses, exfoliates, tones and massages the skin, stimulating its circulation. The soap and massager are designed to be used together, in the sink or under the shower, and every day a small session of massage, pleasure, exfoliation and cleansing with the facial massager and the all-natural solid Rosehip soap.

And with the face cleansed and toned, the Rosehip beauty routine with the undisputed star: Rosehip oil. Pure oil with a high content of essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid and linolenic acid.

The Pink Beauty Rosehip daily beauty routine is considered one of those original gifts. With Pink Beauty, skin care will be complete as it has it all: Pure Rose Hip Oil extracted from first cold pressing, with a high content of essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Natural Rosehip soap, facial massager to complement the soap and of course, Rosehip day cream, and all the cosmetics are totally natural and vegan.

A pack of natural cosmetics whose indisputable protagonist is the international star of cosmetics: Rosehip, Rosa Eglanteria or Rosa rubiginosa.


Active Ingredients

SYS Rose Hip Oil is pure oil of the best quality, 100% natural, absolutely excellent and Premium. Its extraction guarantees the quality of the product, as it is extracted by first cold pressing, which is the best guarantee that it preserves all the properties of the Rose Hip intact.


SYS Rose Hip Oil is a marvel of cosmetics that regenerates and moisturises the skin and helps to combat scars and stretch marks. It stimulates the production of collagen, contributes to the prevention of wrinkles and reduces blemishes and light and deep wrinkles. All its effects are real, visible and long-lasting, it is a magical elixir that is why it has so many admirers all over the world.


Used as a facial serum, pure oil should be applied every day after daily facial cleansing, or after facial skin exfoliation, but outside the daily beauty routine, Rosehip oil can also be applied directly on scars, burns, irritations or irregularities of the skin, regardless of whether they are on the face or not, as it helps to combat all these signs by improving them greatly.


Pink Beauty will be among your best gifts, the original gifts. It is a complete daily beauty routine based on natural cosmetics with Rosehip as the only protagonist, which ends in the facial cream. After applying the pure oil, leave for a few minutes and apply the SYS Rosehip day cream on your face.

This cream regenerates and nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and scars, regenerates the skin, moisturises and protects it and has a powerful antioxidant action.


The Pink Beauty pack is the best Father valentine’s day gift that you can give or that you can give yourself, because you will be giving the possibility of improving the skin day by day, of regenerating the skin and of having a rejuvenated, beautiful and magnificent skin. To enjoy Rosehip and its incredible benefits.

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