Relax Car Freshener

Relax Car Freshener

(Code: 11590)

SYS Relax Cellulose Air Freshener stands out for its unmistakable new car scent. It is characterised by pursuing the sensation you get when you first start a car.

SYS Cellulose Air Fresheners are composed of 3 different scents. It is a 2 in 1 that perfumes and decorates your car with its fun and creative design. The cellulose is impregnated with the scent and diffuses it throughout the entire space of your vehicle.

New car fragrance is the most commonly known smell when we smell a car that is newly manufactured. It is a very pleasant and pleasant smell that leaves no one indifferent.

In the car, this familiar and well-known scent stands out because it transports us to a fresh, new and comfortable sensation. A fragrance that creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. It will bring you a feeling of comfort while driving thanks to the pleasant aroma that transmits the memory of being in a brand new car every time.

Characteristics: Fresh, aquatic and clean notes.

If you want to enjoy other aromas for your car, we have a large catalogue where you can choose the aroma that you like the most or try new aromas. Discover them here.

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