Rosemary Alcohol SyS 125ml

Rosemary Alcohol SyS 125ml

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The SYS Rosemary Alcohol is a traditional remedy used for centuries to alleviate stiffness, cramps, muscle and joint pain caused by overexertion.

Indicated for lumbago and pain caused by changes in temperature or air.

Rosemary alcohol is obtained by leaving this plant to macerate in 96┬║ alcohol. The result is a flavoured alcohol in which the benefits of rosemary have been extracted.

This Mediterranean plant is perennial and aromatic, and belongs to the same family as mint. It grows spontaneously in different terrains (the bush can reach a height of two metres) and can survive in areas close to the sea or with very little water.

The alcohol from this plant is a preparation that can be used in different conditions. Among the most common uses of rosemary alcohol are the following:

  • Rheumatic pains. Rubbing rosemary alcohol to relieve rheumatic pain is one of the best-known uses of this preparation and the one for which it has been most commonly used over time. These pains affect both connective tissue and joints, and can be very uncomfortable and debilitating for sufferers.

  • Leg heaviness. Applying rosemary alcohol with a light massage helps to reactivate circulation in the legs and reduces the feeling of tiredness that can sometimes be felt in the legs.

  • Relaxation and muscular aches and pains. Massages with rosemary alcohol soothe and refresh, which is important for relaxing the affected muscles and loosening them in people who regularly do sport or simply in those with some kind of muscular tension.

  • Cellulite. Rosmarinic acid which, combined with carnosic acid, promotes lymphatic and blood flow. On the other hand, it also contains chlorogenic acid, which is indicated to combat cellulite and prevent it from appearing if used constantly and sustained over time.

In traumatology and sports medicine, it is indicated for muscular, joint and rheumatic pain, lumbago and sprains, and has also been found to be useful for hair loss, seborrhoeic dermatitis, gout and neuralgia.

Our Rosemary Alcohol contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that make it up. Natural product. Allergen and paraben free.

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product made in Spain



Active Ingredients



Rosemary is a perennial plant belonging to the Labiatae family. This shrub can reach a height of one and a half metres. The leaves of rosemary are thin together with flowers that can be bluish, whitish or pinkish.
It has a strong flavour with aromas of camphor, pine, nutmeg and lavender.

This plant was used as a magical plant to combat witchcraft, the evil eye or to remove envy, as well as to purify the environment of diseases such as the black plague. It was also used at weddings in ancient Rome and Greece to symbolise the love and happiness of the couple, it is considered a sacred herb.


Rosemary’s main activity is closely linked to the digestive system by stimulating and promoting secretions and the production of gastrointestinal juices. It also has other surprising effects that are not so closely linked. These are highlighted below:

It has many benefits for skin and hair care. It stands out for its moisturising and nourishing power.

It is a powerful antioxidant, ideal for treating acne-prone skin and redness. It stimulates the scalp, helping hair growth and giving it shine. Widely used in the treatment of dandruff and oily hair.

Antibactericidal, antiseptic, fungicidal and balsamic effect.

Rubefacient and healing effect increases blood circulation in the area where it is located, relieving pain from musculoskeletal disorders.

Thanks to the properties and benefits of rosemary alcohol, we can say that the main medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetic uses are the following:

Relieve varicose veins
Combat tired legs
Improve circulatory disorders
Eliminate cellulite
To alleviate muscular pains
Improve osteoarthritis or rheumatism
Relax muscles
Relieve inflammation in case of bruises
Relieve joint pain
Stop hair loss
Treating gout pain
Relieve sprain pain
Prevent skin ageing



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