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The Scented Sachet SyS Clean Clothes stands out for its floral, green, woody and fruity notes. A scent that brings freshness and pleasant perfume to any sense of smell.

A Sachet that has 12g. and perfumes with intensity, for 8 weeks, wardrobes and drawers. Leaves a pleasant scent on your clothes, household linen, footwear... One sachet per drawer or cupboard is enough to perfume the whole space. By placing the sachet comfortably on a hanging bar or in the corner of the wardrobe or drawer, you will notice how the whole space and the clothes, shoes or home textiles are impregnated with your favourite scent.

This fragrance is very friendly and has the particularity of being liked by everyone. It is very fresh and familiar, it smells of simple things, clean, fresh, freshly washed clothes, home and everyday aromas that we have so internalized and are so essential in our lives that literally make us feel comfortable and at home through the sense of smell, so the essence of Clean Clothes is called "the perfume of happiness", because smelling it brings us fully into our own comfortable and everyday life.

In aromatherapy, the scent of Clean Clothes produces an immediate effect of well-being, purity, cleanliness, creating a healthy and very pleasant atmosphere. It provokes a feeling of relaxation, increases tranquillity and confidence, of absolute happiness.

In any space, this familiar scent creates everyday and healthy atmospheres that take us directly to our comfort zone. A fragrance that creates a relaxed, comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Any space, home or not, perfumed with this scent, conveys the sensation of "feeling at home".

Characteristics: Floral, green, fresh and aquatic notes and in the background, fruity and aromatic notes, with balsamic and aniseed nuances.  Its intensity is 3 points out of 5.

If you like the scent of Clean Clothes, you have more options to enjoy it. You can put it in your car, in your drawers and wardrobes, on the terrace, in the shower, in your bathtub or in any of your favourite spaces. Find out more here.

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