Sanitizer Set

(Code: 39301)

The sanitizing pack is made up of a liter bottle and a 100 ML bottle, ideal for filling as our smaller format wears out.

Ideal size for purse, travel, and stuffing.

SyS Hydroalcoholic Gel is an instant hand sanitizer without needing to be rinsed in water. With a single wash your hands are free of dirt, bacteria and viruses. Ideal for prevention, it contains Aloe Vera to avoid drying out the skin. It does not require rinsing in water, after applying the product, rub it through your hands for application. 5-liter family format.

Contains 70% alcohol, the most effective formula. HIGH-DURATION SANITIZING EFFICIENCY.

It takes less time than traditional washing with soap and water. - The volume of alcohol gel to use is important, an effective volume is between 2 and 3 milliliters, requiring between 15 and 20 seconds to dry on the hands.