Shampoo – SyS 250 ml Camomile

(Code: 42106)

Chamomile Shampoo SYS is indicated for weak and damaged hair, especially for blond, light brown, highlighted or highlighted hair. It acts as a scalp protector.

Leaves hair soft and shiny, restoring lost luminosity.

With natural ingredients. Silicone free. Without PEGs. PH Neutral.

Active Ingredients



Chamomile is a very popular plant that has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine. In cosmetics, it stands out for its great soothing and purifying action. It has anti-inflammatory and softening properties, which relax and improve skin elasticity. Thanks to its high content of essential oils, it is ideal for the care of sensitive skin. It is an excellent natural cleanser and has a great detoxifying power.


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