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SYS Chamomile Shampoo is indicated for weak and damaged hair, especially for blond, light brown, highlighted or highlighted hair. It acts as a scalp protector.

Leaves hair soft and shiny, restoring lost luminosity. Chamomile extract clarifies the hair. So chamomile shampoos lighten hair slightly, giving it a natural blonde colour.

Its extra gentle formula cleanses and detangles the hair while respecting its natural balance. Chamomile is traditionally used to gently lighten all shades of blonde. Benefits:

  • Cleanses: a purifying base that cleanses and detangles hair for the whole family, suitable for even the most delicate hair.

  • Illuminates: provides a natural shine.

  • Smoothes: perfect for blonde hair that tangles easily and lacks volume.

Chamomile shampoos lighten hair slightly, giving it a natural blonde colour. In addition, natural chamomile flower extract as an ingredient also helps to improve and care for damaged hair.

Our Chamomile Shampoo contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that compose it. Natural product. Paraben free.
Suitable for all hair types. Dermatologically tested. Product made in Spain.



Active Ingredients



Chamomile, or camomile, is a perennial herb of the daisy family native to Western Europe and its bushes can grow to be dense and between 30 to 40 centimetres high.

For thousands of years it has been considered by most civilisations as a miraculous natural remedy due to its many properties and benefits for the body. The Egyptian civilisation and different European peoples have used it to treat different illnesses such as malaria, insomnia, muscular pains, migraines and infections of all kinds.

The essential oil can also be used from this plant, which is mainly used for hair care due to its numerous properties.

This plant has a wide range of healing properties that are now widely known and used in cosmetics and medicine. It is popularly known as chamomile, or even chamomile chamomile.

It can be distinguished from the daisy because its flowers are white and yellow, and it has a short stem. It is extracted from the stem when it is still tender and the flowers are still dry.

One of the best-known uses of chamomile that has made it so famous is its ability to lighten hair. Many shampoos nowadays add this component to their formula, as it has a wide variety of properties that are very beneficial and extremely useful for keeping hair in good condition and good health.

Its natural effects allow it to act without damaging the scalp, which is why it is widely used in daily hygiene products. It is also used medicinally to cure certain ailments in the body.

Chamomile is a very popular plant that has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine. In cosmetics, it stands out for its great soothing and purifying action. It has anti-inflammatory and softening properties, which relax and improve skin elasticity.

Thanks to its high content of essential oils, it is ideal for the care of sensitive skin. It is an excellent natural cleanser and has a great detoxifying power.

Traditionally, it was applied as an infusion to the hair to achieve the desired golden highlights.

The main function of chamomile used as a hair product is to illuminate and add shine to your hair. Sometimes, external factors, hormonal changes or dyes can cause hair to lose its natural shine and look dull and matte.

With this plant you can also make your hair look lighter, especially when the tones are light brown and blonde. The result is a very natural finish, as if it had been lightened by the sun.

Thanks to the ingredients it contains, it helps to soothe irritated, damaged scalps. And it helps to prevent dandruff and reduce annoying itchiness.

Chamomile provides strength and nutrients to the hair. These minerals and vitamins make hair healthier and stronger, and it can grow much better, so it will untangle more easily and be much better cared for.

Therefore, if you are looking to lighten your hair or get natural blonde highlights in your hair, you should regularly use this shampoo to get those results, and if you complement it with a little sunbathing you will enhance these results.

In addition, thanks to its softening properties it will also give your hair a natural softness when you use this shampoo on a regular basis.

But we have to emphasize that using this product’s main function is to give your hair a shine and illumination that it could not get without applying the natural chamomile extract. This way your hair will never look dull again and will never lose its shine.

In addition, your scalp will also benefit because another of chamomile’s properties is its soothing action, helping to calm an irritated scalp. Even if you suffer from itching, it will help soothe itchy scalp and prevent dandruff.

There are so many benefits to using chamomile on your hair, because as well as brightening your mane and protecting your scalp, it provides nutrients to give your hair more vigour. In this way, by giving your hair the minerals and vitamins it needs, it will grow healthier and stronger, so that you can enjoy how easily it untangles with every hairstyle.


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