Spray Air Freshener – SyS 100 ml Cinnamon-Orange

(Code: 11821)

The Spray Air Freshener SyS Cinnamon-Orange is part of a collection of natural and intense aromas that will maintain the personality of your home.

The SyS Cinnamon-Orange scent聽stands out for its spicy and citrus scent. A perfect scent for use in living rooms and large rooms.

Cinnamon has a sweet, citrus and spicy aroma.

  This fragrance combines two powerful aromas with a result that awakens the senses: the citrusy, stimulating and sparkling scent of orange combines perfectly with the lingering, warm, intoxicating and refined fragrance of Cinnamon. The result is perfect, a spicy, warm and rich yet light and airy fragrance.

  In aromatherapy, the scent of Cinnamon-Orange combines the properties of citrus and oriental spices. Cinnamon opens up all the senses and orange creates a happy, relaxing and uplifting feeling. Therefore, the scent of Cinnamon-Orange is both relaxing and revitalising. It is noted for its energising and stimulating properties.

  In any space, this scent brings oriental, spicy and citrus sensations in any space, promotes a cosy and cheerful atmosphere, with a festive atmosphere perfume, being one of the favourite scents of Christmas. In addition, its intense citrus and spicy aroma, manages to combat bad smells.

  Intensity: 3 points out of 5.

  Characteristics: Oriental, spicy and citrus notes. In the background, aromatic, herbaceous and floral notes with hints of wild berries and fresh aromatic nuances.

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