Spray Air Freshener – SyS 100 ml Mango

(Code: 11874)

The Spray Air Freshener SyS Mango is part of a collection of natural and intense aromas that will maintain the personality of your home.

The SyS Mango scent stands out for its tropical, fruity and sweet notes.

Mango has a sweet, fruity and tropical aroma.

  This tropical fragrance which is extracted from the mango fruit, contains all the attributes of the ripe mango, it is fresh, sweet and tangy, juicy, mouth-watering, succulent and informal as it invites you to travel, have fun and let yourself go. It is a young and even fun fragrance that nevertheless leaves an intense and lasting impression.

  In aromatherapy, the main characteristic of mango scent is that it is a great energiser, making it a powerful stimulant, happiness and joy inducer that brings vitality, energy and positive feelings. It clears the mind, lifts the spirits, removes sorrows and relaxes tensions.

  In any space, this scent creates an atmosphere of good humour, sparkling and fresh, transporting us to an island paradise.聽 It refreshes and enlivens any place with its intense fruity aroma and exquisite, velvety fragrance.聽

  Intensity: 4 points out of 5.

  Characteristics: Sweet, fruity and tropical notes with clear citrus, herbaceous and floral hints and in the background, wild and aromatic notes.

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