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System Balance Warming Cream is particularly suitable for application prior to muscular exertion. It activates blood circulation and raises the temperature of the treated area. It is a cream with a warming effect that helps functional training, to activate muscles and ligaments before subjecting them to physical activity.

After the application of this muscle cream, the skin and the muscle warm up quickly, helping the muscle to adapt to exercise more quickly. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients: Centella Asiatica, Arnica, Black Pepper, Shea Butter, Gaultheria Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Vitamin E.

Centella asiatica stands out as a blood circulation activator and antioxidant. Arnica Oil stands out among its properties for being an anti-inflammatory, capable of improving blood circulation, as well as providing an analgesic effect.

Black Pepper stimulates blood flow and blood production. Shea Butter has a great moisturising and nourishing power that improves the elasticity of the skin, as well as repairing and regenerating it.

Gaultheria Oil reduces inflammation and helps to relieve muscle pain. Eucalyptus Essential Oil has purifying, refreshing and antibacterial properties.

Finally, Vitamin E acts on the skin as an antioxidant, regenerative action, detoxifier, cleanser, healer and sunscreen.

Our System Balance Warming Cream contains a high percentage of the active ingredients that compose it. Without petroleum derivatives. Free of silicones and parabens.
Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Product manufactured in Spain.



Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica

Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Active Ingredients

Pimienta Negra


Black pepper stimulates blood flow and blood production. It has antioxidant properties, which help to protect the skin from free radicals and reduce premature skin ageing. This is because it contains piperine, which removes dead skin cells and reduces wrinkles.


It is a powerful healing and skin regenerator, which acts as a soothing and antioxidant. It helps fight cellulite and improves skin elasticity. It is noted for its great moisturising power and activates blood circulation.

It stimulates collagen synthesis, which is key to skin regeneration. Ideal for treating sensitive skin and protecting it from the action of free radicals.


Arnica is known for its decongestive, soothing, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation activating properties. It is also an excellent natural antiseptic, relieving muscle pain and relaxing the skin.

It is perfect for use after sporting activity, as it soothes the natural inflammation of muscles and joints that have been subjected to training, helping to tone them.


Eucalyptus oil, or eucalyptus leaves, has many benefits for the skin. It stands out for its antiseptic, bactericidal and healing properties. It balances excess sebum, helps to reduce blemishes and evens skin tone. It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, ideal for treating irritated or damaged skin.

Eucalyptus oils have been found useful for the treatment of cramps and muscle tension due to muscle tension. The anti-inflammatory effects of peppermint oil and menthol found in eucalyptus leaves make it a valuable herbal remedy for muscle tension and other ailments.


Shea butter is obtained from the fruit of a tree that grows in West Africa. Thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content, it provides many skin care benefits. It stands out for its great moisturising and nourishing power, which offers great elasticity and firmness to the skin.

It is an excellent cell regenerator and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is healing, soothing and provides protection to the skin against external agents such as the sun, cold or wind.

It is also ideal for protecting and deeply moisturising hair. It stimulates the production of collagen, thus delaying skin ageing and helping to diminish even the deepest wrinkles. Powerful natural moisturiser, ideal for dry and damaged skin.


This vitamin belongs to the group of liposoluble vitamins. Many of its functions are related to its antioxidant action, so it helps to keep your body healthy and delay its ageing.

This nutrient neutralises free radicals and thus protects cell membranes throughout the body from oxidation, especially in the cells of the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the muscular system.

It is used in cosmetics for its antioxidant properties and also acts as a skin conditioning agent. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks, improves skin tone, provides the necessary moisture and keeps the skin firm. It acts on the skin as an antioxidant, regenerative, detoxifying, cleansing, healing and protecting from the sun’s rays.


Gaultheria oil originates from Nepal, the shrub from which this essential oil is extracted is characteristic for its bright green colour. The outstanding properties of this oil are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, allowing to relieve muscle pain, tendinitis, muscle cramps, among others.

It stimulates blood circulation in the muscles affected by the aforementioned ailments, allowing blood obstruction in these areas to be eliminated.

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