SyStem Balance Sport – Recovery Cream 100ml

(Code: 42510)

The System Balance Recovery Cream is especially indicated for application after muscular effort. It activates blood circulation favouring muscle recovery. It relieves and reduces muscle fatigue caused by exercise, helping to shorten recovery times.

After application, the skin and muscle are slightly cooled, causing an immediate sensation of freshness and relief. It is formulated with Centella Asiatica, Arnica, Camphor, Menthol and Shea Butter.

Paraben free. Silicone free. Without PEGs and without petroleum derivatives.

Active Ingredients



Arnica is known for its decongestive, soothing, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation activating properties. It is also an excellent natural antiseptic, relieving muscle pain and relaxing the skin.

It is perfect for use after sporting activity, as it soothes the natural inflammation of muscles and joints that have been subjected to training, helping to tone them.


It is a powerful skin healer and regenerator, which acts as a soothing and antioxidant. It helps to combat cellulite and improves skin elasticity. It is noted for its great moisturising power and activates blood circulation.

It stimulates collagen synthesis, which is key to skin regeneration. Ideal for treating sensitive skin and protecting it from the action of free radicals.


Camphor is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a great regenerator and natural healing agent. It improves blood circulation and deeply moisturises the skin. It is ideal to prevent acne and muscular pains.



Menthol is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It has a cooling effect on the skin. It also provides a cooling sensation that acts as a muscle relaxant.


Shea Butter is obtained from the fruit of a tree that grows in West Africa. Thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content, it provides a large number of skin care benefits. It stands out for its great moisturising and nourishing power, which offers great elasticity and firmness to the skin.

It is an excellent cell regenerator and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is healing, soothing and provides protection to the skin against external agents such as the sun, cold or wind. It is also ideal for protecting and deeply moisturising hair. It stimulates the production of collagen, thus delaying skin ageing and helping to diminish even the deepest wrinkles. Powerful natural moisturiser, ideal for dry and damaged skin.

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