Cannabis Alcohol SyS 125ml

Cannabis Alcohol SyS 125ml

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The Wellness Catalytic Lamp is designed to scent the atmosphere of your home by neutralising any odours and eliminating the bacteria present, to purify the air in just a few minutes.

Combine the catalytic lamp with the refills we have available here, to scent every corner of your home with the fragrance you like the most.

We explain you in 6 simple steps how to enjoy it:

Introduce the fragrance inside the lamp and let the aroma impregnate the wick until it reaches the catalytic stone, if it is the first time, wait for 20 or 30 minutes with the cap before lighting it.

Light the stone with a lighter to make the combustion of the catalyst.

Leave the wick lit with the stone for 2 to 3 minutes.

Now, blow it out, extinguish the flame and place the trim.

Depending on how many m2 the room is, you will need some time to perfume it completely, at least 20 minutes.

To turn it off, remove the trim and put the lid on to stop the stone from burning.

Catalytic lamps are an indispensable element to decorate your home with their elegant designs, worked to make your decoration stand out by itself.

Its function of improving the quality of the air allows it to eliminate and destroy bad smells thanks to the catalytic combustion, this process is one of the most effective for the total elimination of bad smells.

Finally, it effectively and durably perfumes the room in your home with the variety of fragrances available.

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