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This elegant white ceramic Zen burner with a unique aesthetic. It allows you to scent the room while diffusing the soft glow of your candle. You can mix the scents of your choice to create a perfume you like.

Use it with our scents and create a unique atmosphere.

How to use

First put water in the receptacle at the top of the burner and drop 4 to 8 drops of pure essence into the water, light a candle and place it at the bottom of the burner.

Place the burner in a place where you want to have a delicious smell. You can add additional drops when the smell is not intense enough.

Active Ingredients

Diffusion of ceramic burners
Hot diffusion involves increasing the volatility of the essences; by heating the water carrying the essence, by means of a burner, we increase the temperature of the essential oil and its volatility, allowing us to release all the fragrance contained in each essence.

For this, the best option is an essential oil burner if you are looking for an effective, subtle and natural way to add atmosphere to your space.

There is no home air freshener that matches the quality of the diffusion of natural essences, with the burner we will release all its aromatic profile with a minimum combustion of the tea candle, at the same time that we will benefit from part of its properties, which will accompany us when carrying out any of our tasks giving a pleasant and stimulating touch.

The duration of the essence in the burner is 2h-3h. The only negative point is that by heating the essential oil we will lose part of its active molecules and consequently part of its properties.

Preparation and use of the essence burner.
We need a tea candle, the Zen essence burner, water and a pure SyS essential oil. The first thing is to make sure that the top of the burner is clean and free of residues from previous burnings.

First we fill it with water, place a candle in the lower part and add 4-8 drops of the chosen essence, depending on the intensity we want to give and the size of the room.

The average duration of the essence drops is 2h-3h. After this time, it is advisable to add more essence to continue enjoying its aroma. The first notes will be the top notes, the most volatile (green and citrus notes).

After 10 minutes, we will begin to perceive the body notes, those that characterise the “soul” of the essence. These are floral, spicy and fruity notes.

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